Magento 2 User Experience Extensions

Our proficient developers will meet your requirement for powerful eCommerce website solutions for your venture and implement the latest technologies to ensure profitability. We compute your user experience to make sure that you as the digital merchant can fully control your website.

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The Magento better user experience extensions from Dolphin web solution bring in a wide range of technologies that ensures that being an E-Commerce merchant you can get full control of your website. Some of the common Magento User experience extensions include current auto switcher, product custom option image, configurable products preselect, and product option preselect. These are some of the amazing Magento extensions through which the customers can get the ease of purchasing products from your eCommerce website. Also, these are specifically meant to improve user experience.

Apart from that, some other extensions that can improvise the user experience include quick order, advance edit card, requisition list, required login, cancel orders, catalog image resizer, free shipping bar, and so on. These are some of the additional Magento User experience extensions through which the customers can manage their accounts on their own and easily order by adding products to their carts.

Some other extensions include cart product comment, wallet and reward points, product custom tabs, category import-export, payment restrictions, shipping restrictions, guest wish list, product inquiry, product stock notification, review reminder, convert guest to a customer, product image swap/ flipper, product question and FAQ, customer activation, CMS import and export, helpdesk, multiple wishlist, guest wishlist, simple details on configurable products and lots more.

The most amazing Magento customer experience extensions are just never-ending. And the best part is that some of the extensions like delete orders, login as customers are completely free of cost. However, for using the other extension you just need to invest a little amount. Check out our whole range of Magento 2 extensions for improvising your eCommerce website user experience from our Dolphin web solution website today.