Product Labels for Magento 2


Allows you to drive additional sales with promotions and discounts by highlighting the products via  labels in different shapes/images, rules or offers which makes the product more visible and attracts more customers.

  • Enable/Disable product labels module from configuration.
  • Display labels based on product attributes.
  • Create an unlimited number of product labels.
  • Enter the custom text and color of a label.
  • Set Priority for the labels.
  • Define the position of the labels.
  • Display labels for a particular store or customer groups.
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    User Guide
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2.3.*, 2.4.*
  • Developed By Certified Developers
    Developed By Certified Developers
  • Trusted Quality
    Trusted Quality
  • 90 days of free support
    90 Days of Free Support
  • 45 Day Moneyback Guarantee
    45 Day Moneyback Guarantee
  • Paid on-demand Customisation
    Paid on-demand Customisation
  • Free Updates
    Free Updates


When first-time visitors come to an online store, they face a huge quantity of products. That’s difficult for them to find new arrivals, popular products, discounts on products, promotions, or other deals. As a result, shoppers spend lots of time searching for the right products and purchase decisions.

The Product Label extension for Magento 2 helps you to create attractive labels and allows to add them on your homepage, category, product, other pages also.

This extension also allows you to add labels with enticing offers for products that are new, freshly stoked or offered at discount rates. This allows you to easily inform your customers about all the upcoming or ongoing offers which ultimately helps to generate more sales.

Admin can add labels in image form or custom shapes with applying conditions and discounts and display labels on the frontend based on the condition rule and discounts.

It also helps admin to effectively run marketing campaigns to promote new and featured products among a huge variety of others. Visitors will easily find necessary products and quickly make a purchasing decision that helps store owners boost sales revenue by motivating customers for purchasing.


  • Easy to Config

    Easy to Config

    Admin can easily configure this extension as per there need from the back-end.

  • Multi-store Supported

    Multi-store Supported

    The admin can Enable/Disable extension for a specific store where this extension is not needed.

  • Create an Unlimited Number of Labels

    Create an Unlimited Number of Labels

    By using this extension you can easily create unlimited numbers of product labels.

  • Set Text/background Color for Product Label

    Set Text/background Color for Product Label

    Admin can add color of the text and background color of the label from the backend.

  • Create Flexible Rules for your Labels

    Create Flexible Rules for your Labels

    Admin can apply condition rules to display product labels on specific products where that condition is satisfied.

  • Create label as per Discounts

    Create label as per Discounts

    Admin can set discounts for products through the labels and add color and background color for that label also.

  • Enhance Your Sales

    Enhance Your Sales

    By using this extension customers can easily identify the new, discountable, best seller and other product so they can quickly make purchases.

  • Make Your Storefront Extremely impressive

    Make Your Storefront Extremely impressive

    Product labels are displayed correctly on the frontend which look attractive and impressive to the users.


  • Facilitates admin to customize the extension

    Facilitates admin to customize the extension

    • The admin can Enable/Disable extension for a specific store where this extension is not needed.
    • Admin can set padding between two labels in pixels.
    • Admin can also choose display mode.
  • Manage Product Labels

    Manage Product Labels

    • Admin can see all the added labels in the manage label’s grid.
    • Admin can read all the details of the labels, rules  and then apply to the product page accordingly.
    • Admin can see the details in the convenient grid including information such as rule id,rule name, status, rule type, store view, created date etc.
  • Add New Request

    Add New Request

    • Depending on each promotion campaign, the shop owners can add the suitable labels for each item respectively.
    • Admin can add new labels for new arrivals, discounts or apply rules on the labels and so on.
    • Admin can choose store view and customer groups for displaying labels in the frontend.
  • Easy to Customize Product Labels

    Easy to Customize Product Labels

    • Admin can easily customize the product label with various attributes such as position, label type, label name, label color, background color, label shapes font size, image and so on.
    • Admin can add all of these things on the label which make the product label look attractive on the frontend.
  • Set Discount on the Labels

    Set Discount on the Labels

    • Admin can set a discount on the label by adding a discount from the backend.
    • Admin can also add text color and background color for that label also.
  • Assign Rule to the Labels

    Assign Rule to the Labels

    • Select condition to apply the label to products in the labels edit page.
    • In this field, you can choose an option, then easily assign to products by Categories, Attribute Set, or SKU and so on.
    • After applying condition rules to product labels, that custom tab will display on a particular product where this condition sets true and satisfied.
  • Display Product Labels on Frontend

    Display Product Labels on Frontend

    • After creating a label from the backend with all the needed information you can see the product label on the frontend on product listing, product view page and other pages.
Can I use Dolphin extension in multiple domains?
Yes, our license allows you to use our extension on multiple domains if they exist under the same Magento instance. If the multiple domains exist on separate Magento installations, then you need to purchase the extension separately for each domain.
Can I request a free trial?
Dolphin doesn't provide a free trial of extensions. But we have "90 Days of Free Support" and "45 Days Moneyback Guarantee". Instead of a free trial, most of our Magento Extensions have demos where you can see how our modules work.
Do you have an installation service?
Yes, we provide installation services. You can buy it when ordering an extension.
Are Dolphin products compatible with All extensions and themes of other providers?

Dolphin products work well with All extensions and themes from other providers. If there is a contradiction, we will do our best to fix it until it is 100% resolved. If you face any technical issues, please create a ticket to receive help from our professionals.

How to send customization requests for your extensions?

If you need any customization or additional features in the extension then don't hesitate to Contact Us, so you can click on the Contact Us tab and leave your requests. As soon as we get your request we will get back to you soon.

What is Magento 2 Product Labels?

Product Labels helps to highlight the products for promotions and discounts using create attractive labels.

Can I set height/width for labels?

Yes, you can set height/width, font size, font color, and also set position for labels from Manage Label Rules.

Is there any configuration for the label’s shape?

Yes, you can set the different label’s shape from Manage Label Rules.

Can I set Label Rule with specific customers or store views?

Yes, you can set Label Rules for specific customers or store views.

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Version: 1.0.0

Release Note: First release.

Magento Compatibility: 2.3.*

Version: 1.0.1

Release Note: Magento 2.4 compatible.

Magento Compatibility: 2.4.*

Version: 1.0.2

Release Note: Bug Fixed.

Magento Compatibility: 2.4.*

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