License Agreement

This license governs the utilization and distribution of all the products owned by Dolphin Web Solution. By purchasing or installing any Dolphin Web Solution extension, you agree to the license agreement. Not acknowledging and abiding by this license agreement would lead to suspension of your product license, and you will be barred from using the Dolphin Web Solution Product. 

The agreements will come into effect when you purchase or install the software from an official Dolphin Web Solution source or vendor. We hold all the rights to make changes to this agreement. 


The Grant of License

If you make a purchase form Dolphin Web Solution, you will: 

  • Receive an open-source code
  • Receive a license certificate that will be valid until the consumers stop using our service. The license will also be terminated if the user fails to comply with any of the terms and conditions. 
  • You can use our extension on multiple domains if they exist under the same Magento instance. If the multiple domains exist on separate Magento installations, then you need to purchase the extension separately for each domain.
  • Be allowed to customize our products as per your requirements. 


Other Rights and Limitations


Installation and Use

You have to get a separate license for each new product purchased from Dolphin Web Solution. You, in any case, are not allowed to use the code at any other location. You are legally bound to maintain the privacy of the product intact. 



You are legally bound not to distribute any Dolphin Web Solution product to third parties. Distribution, sale, or rental of our products without official permission from Dolphin will be considered as the violation of the license. If the license agreement is violated, we hold the entire rights to take action as per the current law.  



If at any point in time, you fail to comply with the existing license policies, Dolphin Web Solution holds all the rights to terminate your license without any prior notice. If you continue to use our products after the termination of your license, we can take the legal route to stop the offense. In the case of license termination, we are not bound to refund you the amount you spent on the purchase. 


Limitation of Liability

If Dolphin Web Solution has already informed about the possibility of any kind of damage that may arise during the use of Dolphin Web Solution products, we are not liable for any damages. In case of illegal use or use outside the policies of Dolphin Web Solution will not hold us responsible for any loss or damage.