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Boost up your website speed and performance with Hyva! Hyva lets you create cost-efficient websites with better performance and lesser loading time. Hyva theme is the latest Magento 2 front end to build effective and fast-loading websites for your business. It is one of the major add-ons to your Magento 2 package. So what are you waiting for, click below to talk to our Hyva Theme developers and get started!

Kick start your Next-gen E-Commerce Stores

Speed is the future. Faster-loading stores and websites have become a necessity for any online store. Thus, Dolphin Web Solution comes up with tailor-made solutions for your business stores to build Hyva Theme Magento stores. This acts as the best possible replacement for Magento 2 headless PWA, which is a time the consuming and expensive process to build eCommerce stores.

Here comes Hyva to save the day! With Hyva, you can launch your eCommerce stores twice as fast as LUMA and thrice as PWA, with the same user experience. As a leading Magento 2 development company, we aim to provide customized Hyva themes for your online stores. Our team of innovative and talented developers makes the process simpler by using a PHP-templating system that is built into Magento and provides you with customized solutions for your eCommerce stores.

Our Services for Magento Hvya Theme

At Dolphin Web Solution, we provide your business with with a varied range of Hyva Theme Development services. Hyva Theme acts as a stepping stone for your eCommerce websites. We are a team of well-versed developers who assists you in selecting and developing the best possible services for your eCommerce stores with Hyva Themes.

Hyvä Theme Implementation

With Hyva, you can launch your eCommerce stores twice as fast as LUMA and thrice as PWA, with the same user experience. With lesser coding and lesser complexity, Hyva Themes has become one of the fastest ways to develop your online stores with Magento 2.

Hyva Themes can create fully customizable and responsive websites for your online business. This leads to an increase in the accessibility of your online business on various platforms and consequently broader the customer base.

Dolphin Web Solution, being a leading Magento developer, offers one of the fastest and most effective deployments of your online stores with Magento Hyva Themes which acts as a catalyst towards a successful online business.

Migration From Third-party Themes

Migration leads to the opening up of numerous opportunities for business. Upgrade the standards of your eCommerce store by migrating to Magento Hyva Themes and provide a high-performing quicker website to your customers. Our talented team of developers not only provides migration from Magento 1 and Magento 2 but also from third-party themes. Some of them are listed below

Custom Design for Hyvä Theme

What a user will remember is how your website or online store looks. So why not create a design which would create a long-lasting impact on your users.

Get trendy and technically sound designs for your eCommerce stores with Dolphin Web Solution. A team of creative designers and developers work together to provide your business with the best possible designs. We provide tailor-made design solutions to our clients based on the nature and needs of their business.

With PHP-Templating Hyva Designs, your business stores can get what exactly it is looking for. Choose from a wide range of ready-made templates or create your own custom design with Hyva Theme. Our developers would select an appropriate path for developing your designs through the Hvya theme and provide you with faster and more effective designs. Dive right into the conversation with our developers by clicking below.

Sync APIs with Hyvä Theme

In this world full of technology and the internet all around us, it has become very difficult to keep a track of information which is useful. To reduce the unnecessary use of the internet and store various information, Dolphin Web Solution sync APIs with Hyva Theme for your eCommerce stores.

The Sync API enables you to maintain an up-to-date local copy of all the information in a space. Online platforms offer a better user experience and access data more quickly when they sync material to the device and retrieve it from a local database.

Thus, our team of technically sound developers will assist you in building your online stores with syncable APIs with Hyva Theme. This reduces internet usage and speeds up responses and quicker loading.

Hyvä Integration for 3rd-Party Extensions

The online presence of your business has become very important to survive in the market. And no ordinary website would be able to get you a hold in this throat-cutting market.

To have a foothold in the market, building a unique and feature-loaded website is required. We have a team of technically sound developers who would add as many features as possible to make your website stand out.

However, no number of features is enough for a website. This is where our Hyva developers step in. Here they develop websites and online stores which are capable of being integrated into third-party extensions. This would enable your eCommerce stores to add features from third parties in form of extensions and plug-ins.

Improve the functioning of your online stores and websites with Hyva integration and boost your customer retention by providing feature-loaded websites and eCommerce stores.

Migration From Magento 1

Change is inevitable. It is imperative to maintain and upgrade your eCommerce stores to grow your business. With new upgrades come new and improved features.

Migrate your already developed Magento 1 eCommerce stores into more effective Magento stores with Hyva Theme. It will provide you with enhanced features, improved connectivity, and responsiveness.

Dolphin Web Solution has a team of well-versed Hyva theme developers who would migrate your existing Magento apps into Hyva Theme Magento applications for better and improved performances.

Usability and Navigation Optimization

With Hyva Themes, the online stores have got the boost they required. With great visual content and quicker loading websites and eCommerce stores Hyva themes have become one of the favorite solutions for online businesses, big or small.

Having feature-loaded websites and online stores means having a lot of content and information. Helping your customers find what they are looking for comes with easy and effective navigation. It helps in bringing the right information or pages to the right users.

Hyva Themes enables an effective internal link structure which helps in associating appropriate information with each other and presenting them in a user-friendly manner. It enhances the user experience by predicting user behavior. It is essential for encouraging visitors to stick around, read your content, and have a satisfying user experience, which consequently boosts revenue and brand loyalty for your business.

Why do your Magento stores require Hyva Theme?

Reduced Complexity, Built From Scratch.

Reduced Complexity, Built From Scratch.

An alternative to headless/PWA solutions is the Hyva theme, which uses the PHP template mechanism to make coding simple. It also speeds up modifications and improvements required for your eCommerce stores.

Improved Performance

Improved Performance

Get a performance like never before, with Hyva Themes for Magento stores. The reduced coding and fast paced development aid in improving the user experience and consequently higher conversion rates.

Faster Deployment

Faster Deployment

With Hyva themes the time invested in the development of online stores has been reduced by up to 30%. This gives you a competitive edge to grow faster and get a foothold in the market.

Hyva Theme Magento Stores with Dolphin Web Solution

This is how Dolphin Web Solution develops Hyva theme Magento stores. We create a tailor-made roadmap to develop and deliver Magento stores enhanced with Hyva Themes based on your business requirements.

Planning Layout

Analysing and Selecting Hyva Theme

Technical Solutions


Delivering Your Project

After sale services

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Multiple Wishlist for Magento 2

Multiple Wishlist for Magento 2

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Wallet and Reward Points for Magento 2

Wallet and Reward Points for Magento 2

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RMA for Magento 2

RMA for Magento 2

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Abandoned Cart Email for Magento 2

Abandoned Cart Email for Magento 2

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Simple Details on Configurable Product for Magento 2

Simple Details on Configurable Product for Magento 2

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Frequently Bought Together for Magento 2

Frequently Bought Together for Magento 2

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our High Quality Hyva Theme Developers

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Hourly Hiring

Dolphin Web Solution, being a leading Magento developing company has one of the best in town Magento Hyva Theme developers. Our developers are well versed with all the latest Magento tools and features to provide our clients with the best possible eCommerce solutions. End your search for talented Hyva Theme Developers at Dolphin Web Solution.


Our Global Clients

We do not serve domestic clients but have set a firm foot in the international borders, too, so you can enjoy global-level applications developed and designed.

What Our Client Says

“They delivered the solution on time and it’s received positive internal feedback. Dolphin Web Solution Pvt. Ltd. offers capable management and helpful customer service.”

Cyrus Razavi

CEP, Satrap Group

“The websites were completed on time and for excellent value, meeting the required standards and allowing the customer to showcase their services. The team communicated effectively and responded promptly throughout the projects.”

Michael Farmers

Owner, RepairTECH

“I needed some special code in a WordPress website. The scenario was not easy and the matching algorithm I designed was difficult to develop. Dolphin Team was made the code and all the support I needed afterward and was all the time working close with me to deliver the project. Great job!”

Costas Moschopoulos

IT Administrator, ESA Security Solutions S.A.

“My experience with Dolphin Web Solution is absolutely perfect! All the tasks solved in time with no problems.”

Andrew Politis

CEO, Polihome

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You can pay with a credit card or via net banking of youre in United States. We will renew your subscription automatically at the end of every billing cycle.

How do I pay for the Essentials or Premium plan?

You can pay with a credit card or via net banking of youre in United States. We will renew your subscription automatically at the end of every billing cycle.

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