Add custom CSS and JS

Add Custom CSS and JS to custom page layout Magento 2

Today we learn how to create custom layout and how to add CSS to this particular layout. Sometime we need some change in our design and we need to change design of any specific page.So at this point custom layout help. First we create a custom layout, after that we add custom CSS and JS to this custom layout.

create Block, Layouts and Templates in Magento 2

How to create Block, Layouts and Templates in Magento 2

In this topic Magento 2 Create Block, Layouts, and Templates we will teach you about View with including Block, Layouts, and Templates. In Magento 2 built by three paths: Block, Layout, and Template. Here We will work by building on the Basic Module using the View path.

GraphQL Magento 2

How to get custom module data into GraphQL Magento 2

Magento provides some default queries to retrieve many data. Sometimes you need to get custom data from a custom module. That time you need to need a custom graphql query to get custom data. Today we will learn how to custom module data from GraphQl in Magento 2. First create a basic module with a custom table and also create models for it. so after complete basic module you need to follow below steps:


Remove Products with Duplicate SKU from Magento2

Sometimes, it happens to have different products with the same SKU in magento 2 when we migrate the database from m1 to m2 OR third-party modules used for bulk import. So when we try to save a product that has repeated SKU, it gives an error like “The value of attribute “SKU” must be unique.”…

unable to serialize value

Magento 2.3.XX unable to serialize value and Failed to load the components errors on checkout

CRITICAL Error: Unable to serialize value When I upgraded the Magento on the checkout page and that was “report.CRITICAL: Unable to serialize value. Error: Malformed UTF-8 characters, possible incorrectly encoded.” Please follow below step: 1)  Create registration.php file at Path :- app/code/Dolphin/Serializer

2) Create module.xml file at  Path :- app/code/Dolphin/Serializer/etc

3) Create di.xml…

Enable WYSIWYG editor

How to Enable WYSIWYG editor

WYSIWYG (what you see in what you get) is used in the backend editor.
It is used for those who don’t work with HTML to edit content. Here also you can see how it looks in the frontend, the visual view is available.

product custom option programmatically

How to show product custom option into custom page in Magento 2

With custom options, it’s added some additional features for simple, configurable, downloadable and virtual products in Magento 2. This enable the creation of product variations. Bundle product and grouped product not support custom options. when we are adding custom options to the product then we get the more opportunity to make our product more flexible. Product with custom options are not configurable product. Product with custom options not change product type.

Magento 2 October 2020 Security Updates

Magento 2 Security Updates in October 2020

As we all know Adobe’s e-commerce Magento platform is targeted by attackers like the Magecart threat group. Due to this attack, Magento has released updates for Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source.