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Top 10 eCommerce Websites in Germany

Written by Nimesh Patel

Jan 12, 2024

Top 10 eCommerce Websites in Germany

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See the pinnacle of online buying with our most recent blog post on the Top 10 Ecommerce Websites in Germany. We reveal the internet retail sites that have won over German customers' hearts, ranging from well-known brands to up-and-coming talents.


The surge of internet shopping has shifted focus from physical stores. By 2025, eCommerce is projected to hit $7,528 billion, constituting 21.9% of global retail sales.

Opting for top eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Wix can cut costs, boost revenue, and reach diverse markets. Amidst 12-24 million worldwide e-commerce sites, Amazon stands out as the largest, even if some generate modest annual sales.

A list of the top 10 eCommerce websites in Germany can be seen below. Let’s examine each eCommerce site after the list to determine its significance.

Top 10 Ecommerce Websites In Germany

1. Amazon Germany


Established in 1994 as a US online book retailer, Amazon’s evolution spans diverse goods toys, jewelry, tech, clothing, furniture, and food. A global leader, it extended to Germany, excelling in online shopping. Acquiring Whole Foods, Amazon delved into brick-and-mortar retail, publishing, electronics, cloud computing, streaming video, and manufacturing, showcasing its versatility across industries. You may sell your goods overseas using only one Amazon.de account, but you will be paid in your local currency. Amazon also provides warehouses if you don’t need complete control over your shipment. You may ship parcels yourself if you’d rather keep an eye on things. Before beginning to sell on Amazon, you must register for an account. as a vendor and select between the Basic and Pro plans. Make a list using the product catalog that you have uploaded. Lastly, you should motivate the buyer by creating imaginative product descriptions and using the opportunities that Amazon.de presents.

2. Ebay Germany


eBay Kleinanzeigen: Germany’s largest classified website. Users may submit free ads and peruse a wide range of new, used, private, or commercial things. Since its founding in 2005, eBay Kleinanzeigen has expanded to rank ninth among all websites in the nation, drawing users searching for a wide range of products and services, including electronics, cars, real estate, services, leisure, and home and garden. eBay, the most well-known online retailer in the world, offers everything you could need and more. eBay offers low prices, a user-friendly interface, and additional features for an optimal buying experience!

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3. Idealo


In 2000, Idealo was a major German price comparison and e-commerce website. It ranks among the nation’s largest platforms, offering various categories like sports, baby, housing, gaming, medicines, and more. It empowers customers to select the best-value products by comparing costs. It has proven to be a useful platform for businesses trying to give customers the correct items, supporting over 50,000 establishments and giving access to over 350 million listings. It provides customers with reviews and professional assistance. The age range of 25 to 34 is the greatest age group among its customers. The consumer may shop in one location and compare pricing. Idealo offers you a range of products. Products from a wide range of areas are available here, including food, home and garden, cosmetics, and many more. With everything mentioned above, Idealo is among the biggest and most complete e-commerce platforms. It is offered in Germany, Austria, France, Poland, Spain, and Great Britain.

4. Otto


OTTO is a major player in the fashion and leisure sectors, with thousands of daily visitors. OTTO is a good option if you’re searching for a big market and audience that values the environment. It demands the same of its partners and has a robust sustainability strategy. The consumer might feel that they are making an ethical purchase. The factories that produce OTTO operate with the utmost regard for their workers and the environment. Regretfully, it is still uncommon to find such massive corporations to be concerned about sustainable development. OTTO should serve as a model for other companies looking to do business morally. In Europe and German internet shopping, Otto is a formidable power. The Hamburg-based e-commerce firm leads the world in various online shopping categories and is Europe’s biggest B2C online retailer for fashion and lifestyle.

5. Zalando


Zalando, a leading German online retailer, ranks among global e-commerce elites. As Europe’s top online fashion destination, its annual turnover has grown by over 20% in the last decade. To become a Zalando vendor, having your website and offering free shipping and returns are prerequisites. Zalando customers are younger than Otto customers, but they are also more likely to make a purchase. Furthermore, Zalando now outperforms all other European competitors in the fashion market.

Zalando projects 23.96M monthly visits, expecting revenue to grow by 26–31% to EUR 10.1–10.5B and GMV to increase by 31–36% to EUR 14.0–14.6B in 2021.

6. MediaMarkt


Established in 1979, Media Markt expanded across Europe, entering 12 more countries. When the company moved online, it saw even more success. German retailer MediaMarkt has been in business for over 40 years! After seeing success elsewhere, MadiaMarkt decided to rule the e-commerce industry. This marketplace offers electrical products such as dishwashers, coffee makers, home theater systems, and games. It is the second-largest online electronic retailer worldwide. The only bigger electronics brand globally after US rival Best Buy is Media Markt, which MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group owns.

7. Ikea


IKEA has established itself as a leading e-commerce website in Germany, ranking in the top ten. IKEA is well-known for its creative furniture designs, reasonable costs, and easy online purchasing. The company has effectively transferred its renowned in-store shopping model to the internet sphere. The ease of perusing and acquiring an extensive selection of interior design and furnishings from the comfort of one’s own home attracts German buyers. IKEA maintains a substantial market position in the German e-commerce industry because of its user-friendly interface, dependable delivery services, and dedication to sustainability. As a result, it has become the preferred choice for those looking for fashionable and useful solutions for their living areas.

8. Saturn


Another illustration of the technological sector is Saturn. Saturn, the sibling of MediaMarkt, belongs to the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group. With over 2.5 million monthly website visits, it thrives as a significant electronic retail player. It’s worth going there if a consumer wants an Xbox or new headphones. You ought to be in this market if you sell technological products. It is available online and in-store in several countries, such as Austria, Luxembourg, and Russia.

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9. Thomann


In 1954, Thomann, a major retailer of musical instruments and audio equipment, flourished, earning a prominent position in the industry. Evolving into a major e-commerce player, it provides everything for music performance, production, and presentation. The website offers products from several countries and adjusts its language according to the location of its customers. Thomann is a haven for music lovers. Here, you will discover lighting, studio equipment, and instruments. All the tools need to compose music and give professional performances. Among the numerous nations Thomann services are Germany, Poland, Belgium, and Denmark. Prices are shown in euros regardless of the country. It is one of Germany’s top 10 e-commerce businesses and receives 19.6 million visits each month, generating €1066.41 million in sales for Thomann.

10. Lidl


Lidl provides everything you need if you’re searching for an online store to shop for renovations and home goods. You may get anything from equipment for do-it-yourself tasks to furnishings here. They also sell household appliances. German-based Lidl is a global network of inexpensive supermarkets that offers a wide range of goods and services in addition to food. Established in 1930 and concentrating on low-cost markets since 1977, Lidl has over 10,000 locations across Europe and the US. Its internet presence has grown significantly due to its e-commerce endeavors. The company’s entry into the German market has been facilitated by Lidl’s e-commerce business, which gives consumers all around the nation access to its reasonably priced products and items.

Cost To Develop Ecommerce Website In Germany

Website prices in Germany vary based on complexity, features, customization, and the development team’s expertise. Germany’s average price for a website based on market trends and industry norms.

1. Simple Static Web Page

Simple static site cost: EUR 500 to EUR 2,000, few pages, basic design elements.

2. Website For Small Businesses

Basic German site: EUR 2,000 to EUR 8,000, incl. picture galleries, contact forms, and basic CMS.

3. Website For E-Commerce

German e-commerce site costs range from EUR 8,000 to EUR 50,000+, varying by features, complexity, and scale.

4. Unique And Intricate Websites

Tailored German websites with unique designs, advanced features, system integration, or industry specifics may cost EUR 50,000 to EUR 500,000 or more.


Each of these e-commerce websites adds to the colorful fabric of online shopping in Germany, from industry titans that set the norm for frictionless transactions to up-and-coming platforms that carved out their own with creative strategies. These platforms, whether propelled by an emphasis on sustainability, state-of-the-art technology, or a wide selection of products, together represent German customers’ changing tastes and demands. Keeping up with these leading firms helps consumers make educated decisions and take advantage of everything the Internet retail space offers as the E-commerce industry develops.

Finally, several factors affect the cost of an ecommerce Development, including platform choice, complexity, and customization. Although a simple eCommerce website could be less costly, spending money on a feature-rich, For a successful eCommerce website, partner with expert e-commerce website development services. They create visually appealing, secure, and functional online stores tailored to business needs.

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