Top 10 Food Delivery Apps in the USA (Updated In 2024)

Written by Nimesh Patel

Dec 05, 2023

Top 10 Food Delivery Apps in the USA (Updated In 2024)

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The "Top 10 Food Delivery Apps in the USA" blog showcases the top delivery services in the country that deliver mouthwatering food right to your door. Discover the utmost in convenience.


There are several reasons the US leads the globe. They provide technical advances to the planet. They usually set the trend, and the world follows. Smartphones and on-demand top 2023 US meal delivery apps have experienced the same. You can hire an app development service provider to take your growing food business online. With more food delivery applications in the US, the industry has grown. We predict a 9.9% CAGR by 2023.

Food delivery apps change our lives. Have you pondered which are best? We will discuss the top 10 food delivery apps in USA and the exciting world of food delivery app development in this blog to assist you in selecting the ideal software for your group.

Top 10 Food Delivery Apps In USA

1. Doordash


Doordash is known as the best food delivery apps in United States. DoorDash connects cafes and businesses with food delivery services. Furthermore, the company, which debuted in the market in 2013, is one of the most popular food delivery applications and has more than 16 billion USD valuation. In addition, DoorDash complies with food delivery safety regulations and offers services in more than 800 US cities.

2. Uber Eats

Uber Eats

UberEats is another one of the top food delivery apps in USA. Additionally, Uber Eats assists customers in finding the closest eateries and cafés throughout the city. Additionally, Uber Eats often delivers food around metropolitan regions and is gradually reaching rural communities across the United States. The expected delivery team is displayed on the UberEats Food Delivery app once the order is placed, a unique feature. The 10% fee collected on the entire bill would be a disadvantage.

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3. Grubhub


Grubhub started in 2004 offering several deals available on food delivery, including free delivery on some purchases. Additionally, Grubhub provides a loyalty program where customers may accumulate points for each order placed and exchange those points for savings on subsequent transactions. This program tends to have around 30 distinct functions and is entirely configurable. To be clear, you may choose any food category, and the app will show you the finest possibilities. The GrubHub food delivery application’s ability to track location is another fantastic feature. With just one swipe, you can quickly find where your delivery valet is.

4. Postmates


When Postmates first launched, it served as a platform for deliveries and logistics. This application’s business plan is comparable to those of its rivals. The quickest delivery, nevertheless, is this application’s USP. Additionally, the American food delivery app firm Postmates. This food delivery service is also available in more than 4000 US locations. Five million people use Postmates on Apple iOS, while over ten million use it on Google Play.

5. Instacart


Originally renowned for its grocery delivery services, Instacart has expanded to provide food delivery from surrounding eateries. This expansion has made things easier for those seeking a comprehensive culinary solution. Even more significant are Instacart’s user-friendly design and commitment to client satisfaction.


6. Caviar


Offering delivery of “the best local food” from the “coolest spots,” Caviar is a DoorDash partner. The cost structure is the same for restaurants who wish to work with Caviar and DoorDash. DoorDash takes a fee of 15%–30% for delivery and 6% for orders picked up via their apps.

7. Seamless


Owned by GrubHub, Seamless has been delivering meals for nearly 20 years and provides quick service with an easy-to-use ordering system. It is second-best food delivery app on Google Play for Americans is Seamless. It has real-time monitoring and automatic coupon integration are two more capabilities. Food may be ordered using the app and delivered to the user’s location. Furthermore, The app offers intriguing discount coupons for well-known cafés and restaurants to keep ahead of the competition. Thousands of cafés and restaurants are available on the Seamless app, and most don’t charge for delivery. Customers can use the cuisines or food items filter to find restaurants and track real-time orders. Nevertheless, it only provides 25 cuisine options, almost identical to Grubhub’s.

8. Chownow


ChowNow offers restaurant owners a unique assortment of delivery choices. Restaurants serving the local community will use their Direct and Marketplace items tremendously. The cost of the ChowNow Direct package is $139 per year. A “flex fee” of $3.99 will be charged for each ChowNow delivery, which the restaurant may choose to set the client.

9. Eat24


Eat 24 is renowned for offering online food delivery seven days a week for the whole day. This food-delivery app has partnered with several 24-hour cafés and eateries. A Coupon Management System within this program handles one of the most incredible deals for the users. Additionally, patrons can tailor the menu items to suit their dietary requirements.

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10. GoPuff


GoPuff is an app that goes beyond your typical food delivery service. Thanks to this feature, customers may order anything from a package of chips to cuisine prepared in a restaurant. The best part about this app is that it is only $2 flat and employs an AI-powered platform that lets users search for businesses or items by category and name.

Key Features Of The Top Food Delivery Apps In The USA

User-friendly Interface: You should be able to explore restaurants and menus, make orders, and follow deliveries with ease using a decent meal delivery app’s straightforward layout.

Customer Support: Representatives should be accessible around the clock to address any questions or problems with the program.

Order Customization: The app allows users to amend or substitute items in their orders.

Ratings and Reviews: The app should let users rate and evaluate delivery drivers and restaurants to assure quality and dependability.

Loyalty Programmes: The app ought to have a loyalty program that gives users discounts or freebies in exchange for making regular purchases.

Secure Payment Methods: A decent meal delivery software should have safe payment methods, such as credit card encryption and secure checkout, to safeguard your financial and personal data.

Special Offers and Promotions: A lot of food delivery apps include exclusive offers and promotions that may help you save money and get rewards. Examples of these are free delivery, discounts, and loyalty programs.

Reviews and Ratings from Previous Customers: These resources will assist you in selecting restaurants and menu items wisely, as well as in spotting any possible problems with meal quality or delivery schedules.

Simple Reordering: This useful feature lets you easily order your favorite dishes again without having to look them up on the app.

Cost To Develop Food Delivery Apps In The USA?

It would be correct to ask the experts a reasonable question when estimating the cost of developing food delivery software if you understand what the firm needs.

Calculating the cost of developing a mobile app is similar to purchasing a new automobile. The model, equipment, features, and other factors affect how much a car costs. Similarly, the cost to develop app in India for food delivery varies based on several variables.

The way an app is developed will largely determine its development. Depending on the services provided or if the app is a native or hybrid, prices will change. A typical meal delivery app, such as UberEats, would cost over $20,000 and need $500–1,000 monthly for hosting and upkeep.

The complete procedure may take up to four months from beginning to end. App ideation, team formation (UI/UX designer, developer, project manager), UX development, prototype development, wireframing, graphic and icon design, and coding (native and hybrid applications) are some steps.

A simple food delivery app for between $10,000 and $12,000 may often be purchased. More excellent resources and finances enable larger businesses to invest up to $25,000 in developing a bespoke app. It makes sense to begin with a minimally valuable product (MVP) and then add more advanced features along the way.


You may get a quotation from us if you want to create any of the popular food delivery app development options listed above. Three main models are available to recruit specialized developers for food delivery apps: hourly, part-time, and full-time.

The most challenging applications are included in the list of the best food delivery apps in the USA above. However, there is a strong demand for various food delivery applications.

Nearly 60% of Americans use food delivery applications once a week to get food delivered right to their door. Applications for food delivery provide consumers with a practical method to get food whenever they are hungry. Like every other industry, the food sector has shifted towards home delivery or doorstep delivery. In the US market, GrubHub and UberEats are well-established.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to enter the USA online food delivery market, we can assist you with our bespoke food delivery app development services.

Furthermore, you may depend on us to upgrade an old application with the newest features. The Best Food Delivery App Development Company, Dolphin Web Solution, gives you the appropriate answer when needed. Allowing you to take full advantage of the rapidly increasing demand in the online food delivery sector.

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