What is headless React JS? Build a web apps using headless with react JS

Written by Vaibhav Salot

Dec 18, 2020

What is headless React JS? Build a web apps using headless with react JS

Headless React JS is the new buzz word trending in the industries and eCommerce world too. It’s a big step that allows you to build your storefronts indecently of your eCommerce platform and backend. Let’s see its definition.

Headless Commerce:

Headless commerce is a segregation of the front end and back end of an e-commerce application. Its architecture describes the decoupling of the presentation layer of a website. It operates in such a way that modification on one end does not affect others and these two communicate with one another via API and tools like Heroku and Mulesoft.

In the backend, a plugin e-commerce solution that manages all commercial activities and frontend part can be well managed by developers to deliver high-quality content expressions. In this model, the e-commerce solution serves various purposes like fraud management and inventory management, PCI compliance, etc.

If we see it in other words, headless lessens IT dependency. This accompanies tremendous advantages including execution, customization and versatility. There’s a ton of reasons why large brands are rushing towards the headless worldview.

Why Headless Commerce?

Bigger enterprises are adopting this technology as it makes wider sense to separate the frontend from the backend. These organizations regularly have months-long improvement lines and aspiring inventive and advertising groups that are anxious to quickly test new plans, designs, and templates toward the front.

Moreover, headless trade opens up a universe of conceivable outcomes with brands that are searching for a content-based methodology regardless. There are presently really no restrictions to the customizations that can happen in the digital e-commerce space.

More customization

Brands looking to drive increased engagement on their sites through content experiences are often best serviced by a headless commerce platform and approach.

This gives you the flexibility of a CMS like WordPress or Drupal with the security of an e-commerce platform like BigCommerce, which manages PCI compliance and checkout uptime, among other aspects among different viewpoints

Employee Adoption

Some business clients can be hesitant to utilize new advancements because of steep expectations to absorb information. The effortlessness of headless business takes care of this issue since everybody in your group can undoubtedly access and update the front end without cutting edge aptitudes.

Increased Conversion Rates

As found in the infographic toward the start of this article, client obtaining costs are ascending for various organizations because of an expansion in paid promoting.

Headless is a viable method of decreasing these expenses in light of the fact that your image can utilize a substance or experience-drove technique to attract natural traffic as opposed to depending on paid promoting. Dynamic and smooth client encounters additionally help increment change rates.

Frontend Deployment:

Front-end web-based business site changes are steered through the IT group. Clients of headless trade can avoid that progression and convey their own progressions autonomously without needing developers.


With headless trade, organizations can dispatch new front-end encounters rapidly. Responding to another market pattern should be possible quickly and with at least expensive back-end development.

Get started

The truth of the matter is that not all developers are designers so when you employ Headless commerce, you let your innovative groups center around what they specialize in, which is optimizing the client experience and interface to improve client commitment and changes. Also, you make it simpler for engineers to organize upgrades to the back end.

To move ahead of the competition soon businesses will adopt headless e-commerce and build their own headless applications. To stretch out beyond the advancement bend and jump the opposition, you might need to pick headless business pushing ahead, making it simpler for your architects to make convincing client encounters.


Headless With React js:

Combined with React JS, Headless Commerce are able to built conveying applications like, consistent and smoothed out experience that is non-troublesome to the client venture as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) as well as Single Page Applications (SPAs).

It’s thus that React JS and Headless frequently go inseparably in the eCommerce world, offering customers a responsive and portable first experience which is crucial for the accomplishment of an eCommerce store.

Few Examples of Commerce Sites with React Js:


Everybody is known to Nike, the world’s popular retailer of footwear, however not every person realizes that Nike has gone headless. The company needed a mobile methodology that can best fit in with their general technique of increasing more deals on mobile users.

They have combined  React SPA with Node.js backend for frontend (BFF), which appeared their sensible following stage at that point. Nike began increasing more market share making their Headless crusade a greater accomplishment than at first idea.


Overstock is a model retailer for the Headless Commerce approach. By modifying their item research and browsing pages into intelligent SPA pages, Overstock saw a 36% expansion in income and another 8% increment in conversion. What’s more, things didn’t stop at simply that. The brand went from solidarity to quality and in the end turned into a main, billion-dollar online retailer in the promoting business who was as of late positioned as one of the best 100 dependable organizations on the planet.

Wrapping Words

It’s no uncertainty that the web is getting progressively responsive so as to address the issues of mobile users. As should be obvious from the examples above, Headless Commerce, joined with React JS, is equipped for conveying an application like encounter that works faultlessly on both work area and cell phones. With the proceeding with progress from receptions of the headless methodology, it’s not out of the ordinary that purchasing experience like these will be the future standard.


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