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How Much Mobile App Development Cost In India?

Written by Nimesh Patel

Dec 13, 2023

How Much Mobile App Development Cost In India?

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Explore the nuances of Indian mobile app development expenses by reading our enlightening blog. Learn about the elements that affect cost, such as the complexity of the app and the features that users want, and have a thorough grasp of the financial commitment required. This overview offers a concise method for calculating the costs involved in realizing your mobile app idea in the booming Indian development market, regardless of the size of your business.


The swift progress of technology has led to a significant surge in the use of mobile applications by businesses across many sectors. Having an app is more important than ever for most prosperous firms. Furthermore, development expenses range significantly between platforms, app categories, and the nations where you are looking to locate your team. India has abundant resources; thus, businesses from all over the globe frequently turn to it for their mobile app needs. This post is for you if you are also curious about how much mobile app development cost in India. Experts at Dolphin Web Solutions identify many elements that often aid in determining the price of developing a mobile app, or you can Hire Android App developer. Since several processes are involved in developing a mobile app, each one is seen as a significant achievement in and of itself. Every platform is diverse and can integrate many unique features. The price range for creating a mobile application in India is $20,000 to $1,000,000. However, the actual cost in 2024 will differ according to the kind of app, how complicated it is, your business plan, and the app developers.

Factors Influencing Mobile App Development Costs In India

1. Platform (Ios, Android, Or Cross-Platform)

Factors Influencing Mobile App Development Costs

Another consideration is the many platforms for which you want your apps to be designed. Most people would think about developing apps for iOS and Android. However, there are further choices. This may impact the price of developing backend and back-end apps. Every platform is unique and can include a wide range of functions. Due to its highly complex and intuitive interface, iOS development sometimes requires extensive feature design. Their app criteria set the cost of the product. IOS typically costs between $30000 and $80000. Indian Android developers concentrate on increasing the app’s visibility. Therefore, the necessity for feature-rich apps always remains. Ensure seamless cross-platform interaction by including features from both Android and iOS. Depending on the functional needs, the pricing may change. It was around $15 to $25 per hour. In addition to the platforms mentioned above, there are several more choices, such as Accelerator, Lazarus, Live Code, etc. It is inevitable that platform development prices differ depending on the features, complexity, and additional features the company needs for its program. However, it is an element that increases user usefulness and reach.

2. App Complexity And Features

Depending on complexity, a mobile app’s price can rise from hundreds to thousands of dollars. For instance, creating a straightforward to-do app would take less work than creating a unique eCommerce application with product photos. Recall that your app’s development costs will increase with complexity.

The features and functionality you decide to include will ultimately dictate the price of your app. The cost will rise directly to the number of components and parts. It would be best if you distinguished between your application’s significant and secondary purposes. An editing application, for instance, does not need a geolocation provider. However, location services are necessary for food-ordering apps to function.

3. Design And User Interface (UI/UX)

The user interface and user experience make up the front end of your program. As a result, spending money to hire the best UI/UX personnel can contribute to the application’s success. Additionally, this feature improves how your application is used by turning curious visitors into long-term users.

Additionally, a button design that is easily recognizable and has a fluid user flow from one page to the next must be included in your wireframes. Each of these variables directly impacts the time a designer has to develop an app. The more time they require, the higher the expense of developing your software. Whether your program will have a native UI or one made especially for it while it is being built is another consideration. The cost of a native user interface (UI) is higher than that of a hybrid UI since it requires more customization.

4. Backend Backendment and Infrastructure

Integrating third-party services and external APIs to make specific aspects of the app available to consumers is another critical issue that affects how much mobile app development costs. Expect the price to exceed your budget if your mobile app primarily uses paid (premium) APIs and service providers.

5. Third-Party Integrations

Many mobile apps rely on third-party services and APIs (application programming interfaces) to improve functionality. Development expenses may increase if APIs for social media, mapping, and payment gateways are included. You might also need to factor in the cost of an ongoing API membership.

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6. Testing And Quality Assurance

Ensuring your software functions as intended and is free of defects or vulnerabilities requires careful testing and quality assurance. The complexity of your software, the variety of devices it works with, and whether you need automated or human testing, all affect testing costs.

7. Maintenance And Updates

Small to large-budget applications will inevitably follow this inescapable service area. About 15% to 20% of the development’s initial expenditure goes into this phase. It is necessary because of the availability of new devices and functional requirements that must be met immediately. Our computers and phones get new software updates all the time. Apps also need updates to stay current. For instance, if you spend $10,000 making an app, you’ll spend about $2,000 a year keeping it running. Among the crucial tasks completed are database hosting, bug fixes, code optimization, etc.

Mobile Application Development In India Cost Breakdown

Mobile Application Development In India

1. Planning Stage

The app’s objective and target user base are defined at this step. Finding the app’s distinct value proposition and studying the competitors are other tasks in the planning stage. Following the completion of the planning phase, the team may proceed to the design phase, with the app’s general scope and direction determined. The approximate estimate for the planning stage is 10% of the entire app development cost.

2. Design And Development stage

The project’s complexity, the quantity of screens, the style of design, and the amount of expertise of the design team may all affect how much an app’s design phase costs. 15% of the overall app development cost is an approximate estimate for the design phase.

The app is developed at this point. Developing an application includes feature integration, debugging, and coding. How long and how much money it takes to complete this stage will depend on various things, including the number of features, the platforms it will be built for, and the expertise level of the development team. An app’s development phase typically accounts for 60% of the overall cost.

Simple Apps: Basic apps with limited features may cost between $5,000 to $15,000.

Medium Complexity Apps: Medium Complexity Apps may cost between from $15,000 to $50,000.

Complex Apps: High-end apps with advanced features, intricate designs, and complex functionalities can cost $50,000 and above.

3. Testing Stage

The application must undergo extensive testing after development to identify any defects, issues, or difficulties. Depending on the number of features, the kind of testing apparatus, and the size of the testing team, the testing phase’s cost may change. 10% of the overall app development cost is an approximate estimate for the design phase.

mobile apps development

4. App Maintenance Costs

Mobile and web apps are continually being developed after being launched online or in app stores. App complexity, platform, features, functionalities, and number of developers all affect app maintenance. About 15% to 20% of the app’s cost will be spent annually.

Tips for Cost Optimization

Prioritizing Features

When developing mobile apps, cost optimization may be efficiently attained by ranking features according to how they affect the main functionality and user experience. Start by determining and emphasizing the essential elements that support the app’s primary objective, ensuring they are reliable and easy to use. Do in-depth market research to prioritize features that give a competitive edge and better understand consumer preferences. A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) strategy might be used, where a version with the most essential features is released initially, and user input is gathered for incremental enhancements. In addition to lowering upfront development costs, this staged development approach enables modifications in response to user feedback.

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Agile Development Practices

Using Agile development techniques helps improve cost optimization in creating mobile apps. Divide the development process into reasonable sprints or tiny iterations to enable ongoing input and modifications. Set feature priorities according to business objectives and user value to help the team concentrate on high-impact items initially. Adopt a flexible, cooperative development approach that promotes efficient communication amongst stakeholders, clients, and team members. Make sure project goals align with changing requirements and market expectations by regularly reviewing and reevaluating them. You can lower the overall cost of bug solutions by using automated testing and continuous integration to find and repair issues early in the development cycle. Agile approaches support affordable mobile app development and prioritize value delivery at every process level by encouraging flexibility, communication, and incremental progress.

Choosing The Right Development Team

An adept and knowledgeable Mobile App Development team has the technical know-how and ability to produce an excellent app quickly. They can overcome obstacles, choose wisely, and put best practices into action, all of which help save time and money.

Examine a candidate’s portfolio to identify comparable projects while hiring. Analyze the technical proficiency regarding the tools, frameworks, and programming languages pertinent to your project.

Establish project management procedures. Meeting deadlines and financial restrictions is made easier with an orderly and well-structured approach to project management.

It is also essential to select a company that is open and honest about its procedures, expenses, and possible difficulties. Being transparent fosters trust and aids in decision-making.

Additionally, confirm that the team’s pricing fits your expectations and budget. Extremely cheap quotations should be avoided since they might sacrifice quality.


Mobile app development cost in India can vary widely based on several factors. These factors include the complexity of the app, the features and functionality required, the platform (iOS, Android, or both), development team experince. The various elements mentioned above influence application development costs in India. Selecting the appropriate partner to embark on the development journey is crucial. Outsourcing to India may be done at a low cost. At Dolphin Web Solutions, our mission is to deliver software consultancy that addresses all of your pain areas and best fits the demands of your company. Professionals seek to connect essential operations, optimize corporate processes, and raise productivity.

Following consultation, customers are reassured that we offer fair pricing and are among the finest in the field, so they are no longer concerned about the cost of developing an app in India. Clients of all sizes and industries worldwide rely on us for their app development needs. Contact us now for software consulting if you need a partner to assist you with your application. We are here to hear about your objectives and difficulties and provide you with the necessary answers at your chosen price!

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