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Top 10 Most Popular eCommerce Sites in the USA

Written by Nimesh Patel

Oct 26, 2023

Top 10 Most Popular eCommerce Sites in the USA

Summary :

The USA is considered to be a global standard when it comes to eCommerce. In 2022, eCommerce sales hit a whopping amount of $1.04 trillion. This blog explores the top 10 most popular eCommerce sites in the USA. This list covers the leading e-commerce retailers like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, Target, Homedepot.com, Bestbuy.com, Samsung, Wayfair and Costco.

The early adoption and robust eCommerce development by the US market to sell their products internationally is what made the US a prominent leader in the international eCommerce market. Mega-brands like Amazon, Etsy, and Walmart have not only made it huge in the US but internationally as well. The USA has a mix of big eCommerce sites that made it grand and inspired brands to move in this direction. We have rounded up the ten most popular eCommerce sites in the USA.

The US is considered to be a global standard when it comes to eCommerce. In 2022, the eCommerce sales hit a whopping amount of $1.04 trillion, recording an annual increase of 8.5%. In the second quarter of 2023, the eCommerce sales in the USA hit the highest-ever single quarter sales amounting to $277.6 billion. It marked a 7.5% in sales from the previous year. The highest increase in US eCommerce sales was registered in 2020 at a striking rate of 42.7%. The mega-brands in the US have been consistently working on every online shopping problem and solution to ensure the best consumer experience. Let’s look at Top 10 ecommerce websites in the USA.

1. Amazon

With an estimated monthly visitor count of 2.73 billion, Amazon is an American e-commerce giant and a famous global brand. Founded in 1994, Amazon started selling books online and gradually dominated various categories such as fashion, electronics, and even movie streaming. Gradually, it has established itself as one of the top fashion eCommerce sites in India and abroad.

From accessories to apparel, tools, hardware, home decor, sporting goods, and books, there’s practically nothing that you can’t find on Amazon. Also, US shoppers can enjoy delivery within 1-2 days with Amazon Prime service.


2. Walmart

With a whopping monthly visitor count of 468.96 billion, Walmart is another excellent example of robust eCommerce development success stories. Since the 60s, Walmart has been a famous brand in the US and gradually expanded its retail stores in 50 US states.

The eCommerce site of Walmart allows US shoppers and other global consumers to choose from extensive product categories ranging from pharmacy to auto parts, baby products, fashion, and electronics. Also, US consumers can avail of Walmart credit cards to save more when shopping.

3. eBay

Founded in 1998 and witnessing around 855.82 million monthly visitors, eBay now dominates the global eCommerce sector. This platform has been enabling customers to buy and sell anything online, including cars, electronics, clothes, and even collectables.

Products on this robust online platform are sold through auctions, verified sellers, and directly by brands.

4. Etsy

A homegrown brand of the US, Etsy is a popular choice for striking factory-manufactured items, vintage products, and handmade items. Verified individuals and brands can sell various products, from art to accessories, apparel, toys, food, beauty, and bath products.

Founded in 2006, Etsy witnesses around 266.31 billion monthly users and is more dominant in the fashion industry. It has 40 million shoppers and 2.5 million vendors worldwide.

5. Target

Besides being the second-largest US department store, Target features an extensive range of products online as well. From home decor to hygiene products, groceries, garden accessories, furniture, fashion, and electronics, there’s everything that you will find at Target. Also, their Target RedCard made them a dominant face in the banking and finance industry.

6. Homedepot.com

When it comes to home decor and improvement items in the US, Home Depot is the most prominent name. It is the second-largest garden and home decor eCommerce global site.

From construction products to patio furniture, kitchen remodeling products, and associated items, Home Depot is a go-to brand for decking up your home and garden. The eCommerce brand believes in and promotes corporate responsibility and sustainability. Founded in 1878, this top eCommerce brand has worked on taking every online shopping problem and solution seriously and established itself as a leader.

7. Bestbuy.com

Operating since the 60s, Best Buy is a dominant brand both offline and online. Customers can avail of an extensive array of products ranging from appliances, fitness, electronics, furniture, baby products, travel items, and more. However, they are more dominant in the technology and computer electronics category.

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8. Samsung

This South Korean multinational electronics manufacturer company was founded in 1938 and initially traded goods only with China. Now, it has emerged as the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world and also manufactures displays for other big brands like Sony, Apple, and Nokia.

The eCommerce site of Samsung was launched in 1995 and allows customers to shop for various products, including microwaves, phones, washing machines, and computers. The site also features user manuals, FAQs, troubleshooting guides, and other customer support options.


9. Wayfair

Founded in 2002, Wayfair is another top US eCommerce company that focuses on home improvement items and furniture. It presents an open marketplace for vendors to sell their products to customers across the world.

Mayfair has also established multiple warehouses and offices across the United States and the United Kingdom.

10. Costco

Famous for its extensive range of products, including outdoor living items, furniture, computers, jewelry, electronics, and appliances, Costco is dominating both the eCommerce and offline retail market.

Key Features of the Best eCommerce Sites in the USA

Being the most developed market for eCommerce, the US has set standards for eCommerce development across the world. The top eCommerce sites in the USA have integrated robust features to ensure enhanced customer satisfaction and improved sales. Here are the key elements that are found in almost all the mega eCommerce brands in the USA.

Key Features of the Best eCommerce Sites

1. User-friendly Interface

A user-friendly interface is the main criterion to make your e-commerce brand a hit among consumers. Your visitors should be able to scan through all the products, services, and other information on your website quickly.

Keep your menu vertical, and keep more items and information on the left side of your web page. Amazon is a leading example of having a user-friendly interface and SEO-optimized website. Also, remember to add a search bar to your site and label essential pages.

2. Fast loading speed

All top eCommerce sites have one thing in common, and that is a fast loading speed. Around 79% of consumers refuse to go back to an online brand that took a long time to load. Make sure to optimize all visual content and HTML files on your site to boost the loading speed of your site.

3. Personalization

With constant improvement in AI, it is imperative to bring personalization to your eCommerce site. The top US brands have customized the digital experience of users by offering products and services suited to their preferences, demographics, and region.

4. Secure Payment Options

US eCommerce brands prioritize the security of their users, which makes them a trusted shopping medium for consumers. From integrating popular payment options to ensuring the payment methods are safe for the customers to use, these US eCommerce brands know how to gain the trust of customers.

5. High-Quality Product Images and Descriptions

The top US eCommerce brands are well aware of the fact that visual content grabs user attention and assists in purchase decisions. They use high-quality product photos from multiple angles with zoom-in features to enable users to make informed purchase decisions. Also, most of the eCommerce brands in the US make sure to integrate meaningful product descriptions to move visitors down the sales channel effectively.

6. Customer Reviews and Rating

Around 95% of consumers read online reviews before they make a purchase. US e-commerce brands integrate customer ratings and reviews on their site to gain the trust of customers and motivate them to shop from their brands. It also encourages other users to leave reviews and further boosts your credibility and value.

7. Returns and Refunds

The top eCommerce brands in the US know how to make their customers more comfortable when shopping online, and one such way is to ensure easy returns and refunds. Providing a generous return and refund policy boosts your conversion rate and increases the number of repeat customers.

8. Inventory Management

Do you know how the US eCommerce brands can manage their orders and inventory so well? This is mainly because of their robust inventory management features. Inventory management will not only allow you to fulfill your order faster but also develop trust in your customers to turn them into repeat customers effectively. It will also allow you to meet peak demand for seasonal products or products that are trending currently. If you want to align your brand with customers’ expectations and fulfill orders effectively, then investing in efficient inventory management is a must!

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How Much Does it Cost to Build an E-commerce Site in the USA?

On average, it can cost you around $10,000 to $250,000 or even more to develop an eCommerce site in the USA. The eCommerce development cost will mainly depend on the eCommerce platform you choose, the complexity of the eCommerce project, the features and functionalities, the type of eCommerce developer (outsourced, in-house, US-based, or overseas), and other factors.

Also, your personalization and customization needs will further add to the price tag. If you wish to save more on the development costs, you can opt for pre-existing templates. Still, if you want to boost user experience and conversions, you will have to settle for expensive, bespoke professional designs.

Key Takeaways

If you wish to make it to the top eCommerce spots, then it is imperative to integrate the key features into your website. Locate the online shopping problems that consumers are facing while purchasing from your brand and find solutions to them. Learn from the top eCommerce sites across the world and reinforce your site accordingly. While eCommerce is continuously growing, the top eCommerce sites in the USA are setting a benchmark for others to follow. If you want to have an eCommerce site to take your business to the next level, then Dolphin Web Solution is always at your service. Contact Us, and we will render you an exceptional experience.

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