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How Long Does It Take To Build Ecommerce Website?

Written by Rohit Prajapati

Feb 13, 2024

How Long Does It Take To Build Ecommerce Website?

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What is the timeframe for building a website? Read this blog to know the duration of launching your small business online. Next, we will contrast how long it takes to create a website on our own versus hiring a professional website developer.


A website serves as an online store for the purchase and sale of tangible commodities in the eCommerce sector. Before the 1990s, it sounded speculative, nevertheless. However, an online store exists now. This is all due to the convenience with which one may conduct online transactions, make purchases, browse online, manage inventory, ship, and host all of the necessary materials and items to facilitate a sale and purchase.

The advantages of e-commerce websites to the globe are undeniable. E-commerce dominance in global trade, exceeding 75%, fuels its remarkable growth. It provides businesses of all sizes opportunities to expand market reach and boost sales, making online stores lucrative for startups, SMEs, and renowned brands alike. Customers of all ages are prompted to demand convenience from their houses by the shopping experience.

The phases involved in an Ecommerce development website guarantee that every stage from design and planning to development, testing, and continuous maintenance and Ecommerce website development cost gets the attention it needs. Precise time estimation lowers the chance of mistakes or omissions by preventing hurried decision-making. It also makes it possible for the many teams working on the project to properly coordinate with one another, which promotes teamwork and guarantees that the finished product satisfies strict requirements for functionality, security, and user experience. In the end, a clear understanding of the time commitment guarantees that the e-commerce site is launched on time and is set up for long-term success.

How Long Does It Take To Build An Online Store

It takes around 4 Months to 12 months to build an online store, depending on your requirements. Here are the stages of our ecommerce online store development process along with the time frame each stage requires.

How Long Does It Take To Build Ecommerce Website

1.Planning Phase

Finding profitable eCommerce niches is essential to building a solid basis for your online business during the planning stage. This phase entails a thorough examination of several variables to make sure your company is meeting consumer requests.

From understanding potential clients to doing extensive market research, audience interests, buying patterns, and demographics. Choosing e-commerce technologies and platforms after doing some research. Determining which market gaps your store can cover. Keeping abreast of new and developing trends in your field. Finally, plan creative concepts to set your company apart.

Time Frame: 25 Days

2. Development Timeline

A: Pre-Development Tasks

A seamless and effective development process is established by completing these pre-development tasks. It guarantees that the hosting infrastructure, e-commerce platform, and dependable domain of your online store will have to sustain the next phases of expansion.

Choose and register a domain name that works for your online store first. Make sure it is memorable and consistent with your brand. Setting up time to investigate and select a trustworthy hosting company. Consider elements like customer support, uptime assurances, and server performance. Followed by Considering the Best ecommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento based on usability, scalability, features, and budget for your e-commerce requirements. Finally, Select the platform that best fits your goals, ensuring it meets specific business needs for optimal online store performance.

Time Frame: 5-10 days

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B: Website Design

Website design enables careful planning and implementation, guaranteeing that your online store’s interactive and visual components complement your brand identity and appeal to your target market. Start the design process by drawing simple wireframes that show how your online business will be organized and function. To develop prototypes from wireframes for a tangible UI/UX depiction.

Initiating the detailed design stage, creating visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces. Implementing finalized design elements like colours, fonts, and images to enhance the overall aesthetic.

Time Frame: 10-15 days

3. Front-End Development

Front-end development transforms designed interfaces into functional web pages, ensuring visual appeal, user-friendliness, and device accessibility. Translating approved UI designs into functional web pages, ensuring adaptability to various screens. Make sure there is easy navigation, quick loading, and seamless transitions. Adhere to accessibility standards for inclusivity, ensuring usability for individuals with disabilities. In this phase, we maintain brand uniformity in colours, fonts, and styling and add interactive elements like animations to boost user interaction.

Time Frame:10-15 days

4. Back-End Development

Building your online stores server-side, which houses the data processing, storing, and management systems, is known as back-end development. This stage is essential for putting fundamental features into place and guaranteeing that your e-commerce platform runs smoothly.

Create and establish a strong database structure to store and access vital data for your online shop. Put security measures in place to protect client information in this Back-End Development phase. Enhance database efficiency to manage anticipated transaction levels effectively. Build and merge essential elements like shopping carts, user accounts, and product catalogues for your e-commerce platform. Incorporate secure payment methods. Enable smooth interaction between front-end and back-end systems for a unified user journey.

Time Frame: 20-25 days

5. Testing

Testing the compatibility of the website across devices and all its functionality is working properly is necessary to ensure smooth functioning of the website.

Conduct comprehensive testing on your online store to validate its features and functionalities against defined criteria. Address any issues like bugs or inconsistencies promptly. Test essential processes like shopping, checkout, and user account management end-to-end for smooth operation. Examine the responsiveness on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. Resolve any browser or device-related issues for uniform functionality.

Time Frame:10-15 days

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6. Integration Of Payment Gateways

After the testing stage we integrate the payment gateways in the website and secure the website to prevent it from any kind of fraud.

Examine the various payment gateway choices and determine which ones work best for your target market and online shop. Consider elements like user experience, available currencies, transaction costs, and security measures. Select payment gateways based on consumer preferences and your company style. Connect the back-end system of your online store to the selected payment gateways. Put security measures in place to protect client payment information.

Time Frame: 5-10 days

7. Ongoing Maintenance

Make sure updates are properly tested before deploying them to prevent functional issues with the online shop and we do a continuous maintenance of the website.

Utilize online retail analytics platforms like Google Analytics to track and analyze user engagement, demographic trends, and website activity. Implement event-tracking functionalities to monitor user actions such as clicks, purchases, and product interactions. Invite clients to share their opinions via reviews, surveys, and customer service channels. Watch for customer debates and comments on social media and internet forums. Analyze comments received regularly to find trends, ideas, and areas that might improve. Sort changes according to importance to the user experience, commercial objectives, and technological viability. Plan frequent updates to incorporate enhancements, corrections for bugs, and new features.



The creation of a Top Ecommerce Development requires a number of crucial stages that work together to ensure the online store launches successfully and continues to operate. A strategic planning phase, which includes duties like defining the target audience, deciding on essential features, assessing rivals, and recognizing market trends, usually kicks off the process. After that, the Development Timeline takes shape. The website creation process starts with foundational tasks like securing a domain and hosting. It progresses through programming, design, testing, payment setup, and ongoing maintenance. Each step is vital for a secure, user-friendly, and visually appealing site. A smooth development process requires efficient collaboration and communication across phases.

We advise hiring Dolphin Web Solution services if you are searching for a reputable web development company that can guarantee both the timeliness and the calibre of your website’s functioning. Having served hundreds of clients globally over 10 years, we are among the top e-commerce website development companies in the world.

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