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Christmas Marketing Ideas For Ecommerce Store

Written by Nimesh Patel

Dec 15, 2023

Christmas Marketing Ideas For Ecommerce Store

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It's time to prepare for days of sheer joy, gifts, and love with the Christmas season approaching. If you are an eCommerce store owner, it is the most lucrative time to get more sales and customers. But, the competition to grab your customers' attention is also very high. This means you need to develop the right marketing strategies to boost sales and get your Santa hat on.

As people prepare for the perfect Christmas this festive season, you must create marketing campaigns to make your eCommerce festive-ready. Most people across the world now prefer to buy festive gifts online. The right holiday promotion strategies can boost sales and acquire new customers.

Here are the top 10 marketing strategies to dive into the competitive Christmas market.

Top 10 Christmas Marketing Ideas for eCommerce Stores

Here are top Christmas marketing ideas that you can incorporate into your business in Christmas.

Top 10 Christmas Marketing Ideas for eCommerce Stores

1. Free Shipping Promotion

Unexpected shipping charges are one of the top reasons why consumers abandon their carts during checkout. When customers know that they must pay a shipping charge during the checkout process, it will change their feelings and attitudes regarding the purchase.

People are anxious to know when gifts will arrive when shopping for Christmas. You can highlight delivery time, shipping conditions, and shipping charges. Also, offering free shipping is an excellent idea to get more customers during the holiday season. As per research, 9 out of 10 users say free shipping is a great incentive to shop more.


Free shipping will boost average order value, online sales, and overall revenue. You can use a sticky bar to inform your visitors of free or reduced-cost expedited shipping to encourage customers to buy more during the holidays. You can offer free shipping on all purchases or orders reaching a certain threshold. In case of the latter, let your visitors know how they need to spend to get free shipping benefits.

Free Shipping Promotion

2. Free Gift with Purchase Promotion

You can run giveaways and gifts yearly, but holiday-themed contests and giveaways are special. To return something to your customers who shop from your website during Christmas, you can offer them some gifts.

Christmas is the time of giving, so why not use this time to cultivate customer loyalty by providing some gifts with each purchase? This Christmas promotion idea can shake things up on your website and encourage customers to shop more from your website.

You can keep a gift option for:

  • All purchases made by customers
  • On certain products
  • On reaching a certain number of products or a certain price threshold.

This could be small samples or full-size complementary products. This marketing effort is aimed at increasing order values and attracting more customers.

Free Gift with Purchase Promotion

3. Limited-Time Flash Sales

Limited-time flash sales are a great way to create urgency to shop and reach more audiences quickly. Sale offers like this develop a fear of missing out on customers, which gives rise to word of mouth and urgency, leading to quantitative sales. If you want to build a buzz around your brand and its products, then flash sales are a great way.

Showcase your popular products at discounted prices with limited availability to encourage impulse purchases. Create a flash sale on products your customers would like to participate in. Creating more hype is the best way to grow engagement for flash sales. You can also create exclusive flash sales for loyal customers or premium members to motivate them to stay loyal to your brand. The key is to reach new customers while retaining and rewarding loyal customers through flash sales.

Limited-Time Flash Sales

4. Create Holiday Email Campaigns

Prepare your Christmas email campaign at least one month before running your holiday sale. Figure out the ideal time for sending your emails to your customers to improve conversion rates. Try to divide your audience base into three parts:

  • New business leads
  • Lapsed customers
  • Loyal customers

Try to prepare the following types of emails as a part of your Christmas campaigns:

  • Welcome emails for new customers who have their first purchase before or during the holiday season
  • Feature emails of all the trending and sought-after products
  • Blogs subscription emails
  • Services and products you provide email
  • Promote deals, flash sales, bundles, new arrivals in dedicated emails

Keep your holiday emails short and simple. Add an enticing holiday subject line. Create festive email template design and imagery. Also, to boost your conversions and make your Christmas email campaigns more successful, include clear and visible CTA buttons. Mention the duration, products, and rates of the Christmas sale. You can also promote limited-time deals and limited-edition products. Schedule your emails in a way that will remind the users of the upcoming Christmas sale. You can also send early bird offers emails or give them some last-minute Christmas gift ideas.

Create Holiday Email Campaigns

5. Holiday Countdown Discounts

There is no better way to wish your customers a Merry Christmas than offering a holiday-themed sale. Significant savings of up to 25% or 30% off on a particular date is a great way to pump up your customers and get them excited about the sale. You can disclose the holiday discount before your deal goes live.

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Launch your Christmas discount, and publicly announce it to your visitors to inform them about the upcoming big event. You will generate interest, which will help you boost your sales. You can also ask your customers to sign up to your email marketing list for early deal access and holiday sale updates.

You can use popups to highlight and notify your target audience about upcoming sale dates. It’s a good idea to build excitement and tease your Christmas audience with a preview of what will be offered to them and mention the potential discount rates. Use a countdown timer to encourage potential visitors and increase the urgency to shop from the sale.

Holiday Countdown Discounts

6. Free Holiday eCards

Holidays eCards are customizable electronic holiday cards that customers can send to friends and family. Sometimes, given the many choices, shoppers need to figure out what to get as a gift for their loved ones and need clarification on fiction. This is where a holiday eCard comes in. If you have gift cards for your store, promote your eCards proactively and adequately.

You can also give away free holiday eCards to loyal customers or customers who shop beyond a particular price threshold. This will get your brand/product images in front of new audiences.

You can promote your holiday eCards as popups on your site or include them in your holiday ad campaigns, social media feeds, and newsletters. Let your consumers know that you also have eCards, and they may get one free on purchasing from your brand above a particular price threshold.

Free Holiday eCards

7. Charitable Promotion

Making sales and ensuring you have earned sustainable revenue is essential to growing your brand. But giving back to society and improving Christmas for everyone is also necessary.

Customers who shop from your brand are people who can afford it. But certain people can’t afford even the necessities of life. Donate a portion of sales to a charity of your choice to positively impact people’s lives this holiday season. Promote your charitable cause message to your audience to resonate with socially conscious customers. This will showcase your brand as a socially conscious brand and help you earn more customers. You will be able to bring some joy to the life of the needy people.

You may also experience more purchases from socially conscious customers when you announce that a part of the sales will be donated to a charity foundation.

Charitable Promotion

8. Loyalty Rewards Program Offer

The real profit usually comes from loyal customers. The cost of converting a loyal customer during the holiday season is less as they already trust and know your brand. On average, they will have a higher cart value than first-time customers.

To make them stay loyal to your brand and encourage them to shop more during the holiday season, develop loyalty reward programs. Give your dedicated customers bonus points, extra discounts, free upgrades, or free products during the holiday season. Incentivize your loyalty program members to purchase more gifts with additional perks.

You can inform your loyal customers about the reward programs through SMS, email, or WhatsApp. This will build customer engagement and result in improved conversion. These marketing efforts will make long-lasting connections with your customers and grow your store consistently.

Loyalty Rewards Program Offer

9. Gamified Promotions

Introducing holiday-themed games on the website is a great way to make your customers interact with the website. Gamification enhances customer engagement and allows you to create an unforgettable customer experience. Even if new visitors are still getting familiar with your brand, they will still be excited to play the game on your website.

By incorporating games like Lucky Wheels or quizzes on your website, you will capture the attention of your target audience and keep them engaged. Keep various games that will encourage the customers to shop from your website. You can also add a Christmas feel to the games to give your customers a sense of the holiday season. You can also offer discounts or freebies as rewards for game participation.

Gamified Promotions

10. Seasonal Site Design and Imagery

Seasonal Site Design and Imagery

A dose of festive cheer and joy is not only for us but also for eCommerce stores. When your store gives off the Christmas vibe, people will love to shop from your website. Use a Christmas blog design and landing page to make your website festive-ready. Ensure your site is decorated with holiday banners, snowflakes, colors, etc. This will put your visitors in a festive mood to shop for gifts and deals.

A Christmas-themed landing page will make an excellent first impression on your visitors. Their immediate realization of the festive environment will lock their attention and purchase from your store. Your Christmas marketing campaigns should be aimed at grabbing your customers’ attention.

  • Use a Christmas slider to decorate your store this Christmas to avoid going overboard with the decorations.
  • You can opt for a Christmas graphic and position it at any corner of your webpage to give a cute, festive vibe. It could be a simple Christmas tree, a hot cocoa cup, a gingerbread man, Christmas lights, a Santa Claus, etc.
  • Revamp your website’s footer, alter forms, sidebars, navigation, and buttons using Christmas elements.
  • Change the background of your website and try mixing noticeable templates and patterns that go with the overall color scheme.
  • Get a seasonal Christmas theme logo such as a Christmas tree, Santa hat, etc.
  • If you want something more attractive, you can add digital falling snowflakes.

Use Christmas theme offers to catch the attention of your visitors. You can also create a dedicated offer page with a Christmas theme. This will inform your visitors about all the running and upcoming offers in one place. You can also run multiple discount strips across your website that redirect visitors to your offer page. Add holiday and Christmas keywords on your website to boost your reach and sales this year.

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A good, secure website is the foundation of any successful eCommerce store. Hire a reliable and experienced eCommerce website development company to make your brand known to your target audience and boost sales. Make the most of your eCommerce store this holiday season by incorporating result-oriented marketing efforts. From free shipping to donations to charities to gamified promotions, we have summed up the top 10 festive marketing strategies to make your eCommerce store Christmas-ready.

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