Best Magento 2 extension to boost sales for E-commerce Store

Written by Vaibhav Salot

Mar 11, 2021

Best Magento 2 extension to boost sales for E-commerce Store

How Magento 2 extension to boost sales for E-commerce?

Magento extensions let you add more functionality to your Magento store. These extensions allow you to manage bulk orders, sales, checkout processes and also integrate marketing techniques effectively.

If you are thinking as to why you need Magento extensions? Well, you can save on your extra development costs as well as time to develop a fresh module. These extensions not only accelerate your tasks but also improve the website’s performance at the back end. 

Quick Order Extension

Quick Order helps you buy bulk orders easily for your e-store. The extension makes the process of adding products in bulk easier. It helps you save time. 


  • Easy to configure
  • Customize the page title and URL from the backend 
  • Search products by name and SKUs
  • Add products in bulk instead of adding a single product at a time.
  • Purchase the products with only 3 clicks
  • Import CSV
  • Supports all customer types

Requisition List Extension

Requisition List helps buy frequently ordered items as well as other items as these items are directly included in the shopping carts from the respective lists


  • Supports all product types
  • Generate several requisition lists.
  • Products can be added to the list from product pages 
  • Mass action helps eliminate/update the product quantity 
  • Edit or Delete Requisition List.
  • Add listed products to Cart with one click.
  • Allows customers to include products from the order view page to the requisition list via the My Account page.

Call for Price Extension

Helps store owners to conceal product prices and also hide the button- Add to Cart and replace them with the button – “Call for price” to increase user engagement and let users connect for product prices.


  • Can be configured easily
  • Activate “call for price” according to your preference
  • Activate Captcha functionality for extra security 
  • Email notification by admin for price request from the customer
  • Admin can add a background color of a button or text color
  • Activate extension according to the customer groups.
  • Admin & customers will receive an email notification for request & reply.

Cancel Orders Extension

Customers can cancel their pending orders from the frontend directly. 


  • Enable/disable the extension through the backend
  • Help customers cancel their orders from the frontend 
  • Customers can add comments through the confirmation popup displayed
  • Admin is notified by email for cancellation of orders
  • Cancel order button allows to change the order status from pending to canceled 
  • The orders for the specific canceled items are added again in stock.

Auto Invoice & Shipment Extension

The shipment and invoicing processes can be automated by the store owners easily after the payment method is completed 


  • Easy to configure
  • Multiple payment methods available
  • Supports multiple stores
  • Shipment, invoice, and order can be generated automatically 
  • The order status is changed automatically after completion of the invoice and shipment 

Custom Order Number Extension

The Magento 2 extension helps admin to customize default shipment, invoice, and order and credit memo IDs by adding suffixes and prefixes


  • Can be configured by the admin easily from the backend
  • Supports multiple stores
  • A versatile numbering system allows you to build a custom order using suffixes and prefixes 
  • Document numbering needs can be easily met 

Frequently Bought Together Extension

It is one of the best Magento extensions that help drive sales and enhance conversion rates. 


  • Easy to configure and supports multiple stores
  • Admin can enable/disable any extension from the backend 
  • Supports swatch/custom options 
  • Include the frequently purchased items on the product detail page 
  • Ajax support helps the user perform changes in the selection of custom options.

Customer Specific Discount Extension

The Magento 2 extension equips you to offer special discounts to particular customers


  • Allows admin to create a specific rule for specific customer 
  • Allows admin to create/change the rules as applicable for a specific customer
  • Helps offer special discounts to customers to increase customer engagement 
  • Only chosen customers can be validated for particular rules.
  • Admin can apply a single rule for multiple customers 

Predefined Admin Order Comments Extension

This extension offers the liberty to the admin to create predefined order comments based on each order status


  • Admin can create order comments (predefined)
  • Easy to manage 
  • Saves time as no need to draft the same comment every time 
  • Avoids repetitions of tasks like writing the same comments
  • Enhances management of comment messages 
  • Supports multi-store 

Helpdesk Extension

Helps customers & admin to draft support tickets for the orders with added functionalities of particular order item/whole order.


  • Allows admin to open a specific ticket for a specific item ordered or the complete order 
  • Admin can build countless departments and appoint any admin for that department 
  • Super admin get access to managing support tickets 
  • Admin can attach several files to a single ticket during the conversation
  • Agents are allowed to interact internally regarding the tickets
  • Automatic closure of tickets that are not responded to by the customers 

Custom Order Prefix Extension

A Magento 2 extension that works to look into a custom prefix for your store shipment, order, invoice, credit memo, etc 


  • Admin can add/edit custom prefix via admin panel 
  • Unique identification can be set for shipment, invoice, order, credit memo, etc

Product Question & FAQ Extension

Allow you to set up each product page with a list of products Q & A. It helps the customers to find answers to common queries 


  • Users are allowed to ask a question regarding any product 
  • Allows you to create an FAQ section for particular products wherein all customers connect
  • Help motivate users to register and prevent them to post any questions before logging in. This helps prevents spam as well. 
  • Send notification to admin by email when customers ask any question or notify customers when they get a reply from admin 
  • Security captcha to validate questions
  • Organized structure for the FAQ section 

Admin Review Notification Extension

A perfect extension to send out email notifications to admin once a review is submitted for any product.


  • The functionality can be enabled or disabled by the admin from the configuration.
  • Admin will receive a notification on the Magento backend.
  • Admin gets email notification when a customer posts a review for a particular product
  • Multiple email recipients can be added by the admin to get fresh review email notifications 
  • The reviews sent by the customers can be directly approved or disapproved by the admin through an email without the need to login into the backend
  • Supports multiple stores 

Convert Guest to Customer Extension

The extension helps the admin convert guests to customers after the checkout process is completed


  • Helps boost businesses 
  • A single installation can help set up multiple stores
  • Creates accounts automatically for the users who check out as guests 
  • Convert guests to potential customers
  • Convert and handle guest users in a specific grid as required 
  • Mass action to convert guest into potential customers 

Payment Restrictions Extension

The Magento 2 extension helps limit payment methods based on the cart, product attributes, customers and shipping groups, etc Create unlimited payment restriction rules.


  • Restrict payment methods for particular customers
  • Admin can build various combinations of restrictions for payment methods based on customer and cart attributes 
  • Payment method restrictions can be applied to specific customer groups 
  • Payment methods can be restricted based on website and store view.
  • Supports multiple language and multiple stores 
  • Disable any payment method as per the condition.
  • Restrict payment of any product as per its availability.
  • Payment restrictions can be applied for back or front end 


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