Why Choose Magento As Your E-Commerce Platform

Written by Nishit Nayak

Nov 10, 2022

Why Choose Magento As Your E-Commerce Platform

When building a long-term, professional eCommerce site, businesses and individuals should give Magento high consideration. Magento was one of the platforms that merchants transferred to most frequently in 2020, according to internal data from Lit Extension, with a small percentage of store owners choosing other carts.

Due to its extensive functionality, diversity, and flexibility, many Fortune 500 firms, like Samsung, Nike, Canon, and Ford, chose Magento as the top e-commerce platform to create their websites. Additionally, there are a number of factors that influence firms’ decisions to use Magento and support this claim.

What is Magento?

On March 31, 2008, Varien introduced Magento, a platform with built-in PHP that was created using the Zend Framework. With Magneto, users can have full control over the look, functionality, and content of their online stores without compromising the user experience. It also offers its consumers the necessary resources and services. This includes tools for catalog management, SEO, and marketing.

The platform may be used by any size store, in general. Magento offers a free Magento Open Source and a feature-rich Magento Commerce with a variety of plug-ins and themes, guaranteeing that the platform can expand and advance alongside your business whether you serve a few hundred or a million clients. It is frequently important to swap platforms when a business expands.

Why Choose Magento For Your Business?

What criteria led these well-known international companies to choose Magento to serve millions of customers? And why should you choose Magento over the many different platforms available? The most convincing arguments for why Magento is an excellent platform for creating an online shop and ensuring the success of your company online are provided below.

Highly customization platform

With Magento, users and developers can quickly edit, modify, and extend the source code to improve built-in functionality or add new features. There’s no need to fear if you are not tech knowledgeable. Since the platform is completely flexible, you may add extensions to improve the user experience and cater to your particular needs without changing the original code.

Magento Community Edition is absolutely free to download and set up in contrast to Shopify, while Shopify charges a monthly membership for other editions. Magento is a totally independent platform, in contrast to Woo commerce, a WordPress plugin that limits shop owners’ options and may require other extensions.

Various features

Did you know that more people search for “Magento” than “eCommerce” on Google? By itself, this data illustrates Magento’s enormous popularity. And the amazing features that the Magento eCommerce platform provides are the cause of this popularity.

Unlike other e-commerce systems, Magento includes a variety of tools that let store owners manage all aspects of their business, from product production to the checkout process, promotions, and marketing.

With the help of Magento’s exceptional capabilities, you can create a fully functional virtual store by giving it all the tools required to operate it from beginning to end. Additionally, Magento gives businesses the freedom to use its capabilities to run their stores more effectively.

Various useful features

High security
If you’re ready to choose an e-commerce platform to create your e-commerce site, security should be your top priority. Your websites will always be absolutely secure since Magento always provides the highest degree of safety assurance. Why is Magento the most secure e-commerce platform, then?

To give users the most recent information on security, security updates, security patches, best practices, and quick support following a security incident, Magento specifically offers a security center. Additionally, Magento offers consumers the essential security elements they need, such as a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) compliance.

Magento is also less prone to hacking than competing platforms like WordPress or Woocommerce. Magento is less likely to be compromised than WordPress, which has more vulnerabilities and is the most often attacked platform. Magento has a variety of built-in features that decrease the need for additional extensions while providing complete protection for your websites from online attacks and hackers.

High performance
The two finest e-commerce systems are Magento and Shopify, according to research on comparative speed testing of e-commerce platforms by Aheadworks. Magento and Prestashop are used to build mobile sites since they offer the best speed and load times.

Magento is well renowned for its ability to deliver a quick-loading web page and has made it a mission to build the world’s fastest e-commerce businesses. A website that operates better than it did previously thanks to quick page loading and effective query processing also encourages users to explore other parts of the page, lowers page abandonment, and boosts conversion rates.

It goes without saying that websites that take a long time to load “sink” rapidly. In many cases, the harm brought on by a website that loads slowly may have unanticipated effects. You might be astonished by the Magento platform’s great performance, its ability to be adapted, and the trust it inspires. Due to its open-source design, Magento enables store owners to alter the source code or use third-party tools to alter the functionality of their websites.

Mobile responsiveness
Magento offers an eCommerce platform with a high level of mobile-friendliness as a proactive way to keep up with the mobile era as it is currently. On desktop, mobile, and other platforms including tablets and laptops, websites powered by Magento are responsive. The free community and corporate editions of Magento offer an HTML5 foundation that enhances mobile shopping.

Customers that visit your stores whenever they want and from any location using their mobile devices will have a positive brand experience thanks to the Magento mobile app. On mobile devices, customers may easily browse or shop across all Magento websites without running into a display or purchase issues.

SEO friendly features
Search engine optimization is a wonderful feature proving why Magento is the best platform for your website (SEO). Magento has enough SEO elements, including as sitemaps (HTML and XML), URL rewrites, and metadata, to help them rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). Additionally, Magento offers analytics, which enables the tracking of website traffic. One of Magento’s most important features is its analytics.

According to a study to evaluate and rate SEO features on eCommerce platforms, Magento outperforms the competition with the highest ratings and takes first place. Shopify and Woocommerce are also in second and third place.

Diverse extensions
While Magento allows customers to customize the source code to meet specific business needs, Magento extensions demonstrate the necessary components of an ideal complete website. Store owners can add any Magento module they want on their websites as long as the extensions help them and their stores.

Magento Marketplace or the official Magento store hosts many extensions of Magento which are produced by vendors and partners of Magento. These enhancements apply to many aspects of
your business, from marketing to payment, inventory management, and order management.

Third-party tools
In addition to extensions built to Magento specifications, online store owners often install third-party integration tools to ensure a more effective website.

Magento has the most fantastic system for many Third-party tools designed for quick integration on the website, including integrated Google tools (Google Analytics or Google Checkout), payment methods (Paypal, Braintree), database applications, and shipment tracking.

You can use third-party tools set up. Party apps straight from the website backend and Magento even provide step-by-step setup guides. You just have to identify the most suitable devices and “insert” them into your virtual store immediately!

Wrapping up

If you’re looking for an online store that’s optimized to work with lots of products, high traffic, and a significant amount of sales, Magento is one of the excellent options. It’s particularly well-suited to medium to large businesses with an established model, the resources to support it, and the time to build and design Magento to fit their needs. And now you can get in touch with our dedicated, resourceful and knowledgeable team to help you create an attractive and secure
eCommerce store. Hire Magento Developers from us, and we will provide you with the optimal solution for your company.

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