Promote Your E-commerce Business With Magento This Christmas

Written by Payal Patel

Dec 01, 2020

Promote Your E-commerce Business With Magento This Christmas

Christmas is knocking at the door and the shopaholics are already looking for the best discounts and offers at pre-Christmas sales by browsing various e-commerce stores. This adds up to the cut-throat competition amongst the top e-commerce vendors. With higher usage of online shopping applications, holiday sales are grabbing the eyeballs of the buyers on the eve of Christmas.

In this case, Magento has become the king of every commerce platform; that is the reason why Magento merchants are ahead in the competition. It is the Magento merchants who are gaining a huge ROI in this peak sales period. This is gained by extending their app’s existing features and functionalities with highly rewarding tasks and it is only possible with the implementation of Magento extensions.

How Magento merchants can leverage the Christmas sale?

The holiday season brings in increased website traffic, as the shoppers hook into the online e-commerce websites for purchasing gifts for friends and family. And to leverage this festive season, the e-commerce merchants are now implementing different types of Magento extensions to keep up their sales in the holiday season.

Imagine that you own an e-commerce store that sells gift items. A customer may want to personalize or customize the gift that he or she will send to their loved ones. In such a case, the customers do not mind pain a few bucks extra for customization. The good news is that with the addition of product designer Magento extension, you can allow your customer to customize their products. In this way, the Magento extensions help you in filling these little gaps.

Prepare your Magento store for Christmas holiday sales with these top 10 tips

If you too want to become the next e-commerce biggie, then follow these 10 tips on boosting your sales. We have also covered some essential Magento extensions by Dolphin Web Solution, which you can utilize as you go for implementing these tips:

  1. Homepage optimization- Your homepage is the identity card of your business. If you are offering an amazing and unique home page design that showcases the festive spirit, then you are definitely getting more traffic. By optimizing your home page with special discounts, deals, and offers you are making it even more interactive and attractive. You can use updated content relevant images and amazing designs that will pull in more users.

  1. Using apt keywords- Optimize your homepage, you also need to get it updated with the right hashtags and keywords. For instance, if you are targeting customers for buying Christmas gifts, then identify the best keywords like cheap, deals, discount, offer, best, and so on. Once you have collected the list of keywords, optimize the URL, metadata, image alt tags, and specifically the website content pages. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner for finding popular keywords.

  1. Mobile Optimization- Your e-commerce website should work flawlessly on various mobile devices. The reason behind this is that almost half of the global population is hooked on their smartphones, browsing online shopping websites. As per the CEO of Outerbox Justin Smith, almost 79% off of people make online purchases through smartphones. This kind of statistics shows how essential it is to optimize your mobile and make it user friendly for reaching out to a global customer base.

  1. Inventory Management- During the peak season of Christmas, it is very much important to manage your inventory framework. You must have an organized warehouse to ensure more efficiency in your business. Everything should be streamlined and the delivery process should be faster. Also, you need to keep a constant check if any product is going out of stock. You should prioritize items that are garnering more purchases. If your inventory management process is systematic then you can ensure more buyers to your eCommerce site.

  1. Revised payment methods- Get away from the hassles of revised shipping and payment methods. In the peak season, you cannot afford to delay delivery to your customer. If you do so you may lose a loyal customer forever. Hence, it is very much essential that you are having a good collaboration with the shipping carriers who can ensure you timely delivery. To be on the top, you need to be a step ahead of your competitors’. Go for offering free shipping and discount services to your customers. This kind of strategy will not only bring new customers but will also gain the trust of the returning customers. You can use the Wallet & Reward Extension of Dolphin Web Solution’s Magento 2 Store. Also, when it comes to the payment integration system, then make sure that you are offering the most convenient method of transaction. Only go for the trusted payment gateways.

  1. Revise product return policies- Your customers will only buy products from your e-commerce site if you have a smoother return policy. The products which you are selling may not be up to the mark or may not be up to the liking of your customers. That is the reason why the top e-commerce sites are now coming up with the product return Magento extension. At Dolphin Web Solution, we have extensions like Auto Invoice & Shipment and Shipping Restriction extension, from where the merchants can manage their product returns and refunds. Return policy actually helps in building loyalty and trust in your customers, as they can easily return their product and get either a refund or exchange for it; thus ensuring repeat sales.

  1. Use live support- Ensure that you are providing a live support system to your customers. Your customers might be facing issues with ordering products from your website. They might need help from your end and that is the reason you must have a chatbot service along with the customer calling service so that they can go for asking any type of order-related or generic queries. Ensuring proper customer service also helps in bringing more leads to your business. With Help Desk extension of Dolphin Web Solutions, you can easily handle multiple inbound calls and messages.

  1. Give takeaways- You can also provide your customers with exciting and creative digital takeaways. As they share their mail IDs with you while they log in to your app, you can send them free takeaways like e-books, brochures, and other downloadable resources through which they can know more about your business and what are the exciting things that you have to offer in this festive season. Other than that, you can also give your customers small product takeaways for a minimum purchase of XX amount.

  1. Get active on social media- Social media is a communication and entertainment platform for people of all ages and not just the millennials. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn can be used for the widespread promotion of your products. Talk about discounts, deals, and offers that you are offering in the festive season of Christmas and bring in more sales to your business. Various e-commerce merchants have already purchased Dolphin Web Solutions Customer Specific Discount for proper management of additional offers. Also, ask your customers to post a comment or review about your products on their personal social media profiles and blogs by providing a backlink to your site. Check out the Import Export Product Review extension to know more about the review management process.

  1. Use retargeting ads- Driving more sales to your e-commerce business is not an easy job, as there are lots of competitors who are severely competing with each other and earning the trust of their customers. Also, in the holiday season, almost every eCommerce site is now coming up with different kinds of offer and reward-related strategies. Therefore, it is quite evident that your customers may switch to other eCommerce websites to find a better option. Use retargeting ads, where your brand or product will be shown on every website and social media pages that your potential customer is using. Your click-through rate will be boosted by almost 10 times. Have a glimpse at the Promotion Bar extension to have better knowledge.

Additional or bonus tips

  1. Smart email marketing- A high-level strategy of email marketing is just the smart move that you are taking to bring in leads to your e-commerce website. Avoid sending plain texts as email. Rather go for creating a newsletter with creative assets that will showcase your products. With extensions like Product Stock Notification, you can let your users know about the stock availability of the products which they are looking for. This notification can be sent via email, SMS or any other push notification.

  1. Optimize site loading time- Nobody likes a slow or buggy application. Whenever someone is shopping, he or she will have a tendency to browse through different products and if your application takes time to load different pages, then you are definitely going to lose the potential customer. In this way, your customers will prefer shifting to your competitors.

  1. Optimize thank you page- If you want to nurture your relationship with your customers, then thank you page is just the opportunity to do that. Keeping in mind the ongoing holiday season, you can go for adding coupon codes to entice your customers in subscribing to your newsletters for regular updates.

  1. Use exit popups- If you are rightly implementing the popups into your website, then you can easily engage your visitors and promote your products and services. For the holiday season, you would not want to display any kind of regular popup, rather you will need some attractive popup that will make the customers share their email ID with you, thus making it easier for you to market.

  1. Gear up for New Year sales- Soon after Christmas, people start preparing for the new year celebration. As the New Year arrives in a week’s time, people browse various e-commerce websites and the post-Christmas sales continue. Make sure that you have a preset January sales plan so that your customers don’t need to hunt for good deals or offers on other websites.


The ease of shopping a variety of products from e-commerce apps is something that has made the e-commerce giants climb the ladder of success today. However, things are also not that easy from the merchant side, as for running a website, a lot of maintenance, development and hassle has to be coped up with. Thanks to the emergence of Magento extensions which has made it possible for e-commerce merchants to overcome several challenges.

It has enabled the creation of functionally-rich stores and visually appealing websites. These amazing tools have not only facilitated the desired functionality into an online store but have also provided various customization features to both the merchants and customers.

Dolphin Web Solution is one of the best Magento extension service providers in the industry and provides complete configuration and installation services to meet its customer requirements. Are you also looking for a Magento expert help? We are just a call away.

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