Magento: How quickly you can create a mobile eCommerce app in android/iOS ?

Written by Vaibhav Salot

Apr 21, 2016

Magento: How quickly you can create a mobile eCommerce app in android/iOS ?

The mobile app is widely accepted by android users. If surveyed we come to the conclusion that the majority of the shoppers use mobile apps for online shopping. Thus it has become a prominent business tool, especially in the eCommerce era.

Creating a mobile e-commerce app is a complicated task. Magento has come with easy and quick development. It possesses the quality to omit the entire complicated task while building difficult functions with no time span.

How Magento shopping app helps you to achieve your Mobile e-Commerce app business?

Dolphin Web Solution is the ultimate solution for creating the best-featured app as it comes with the latest shopping cart app features. The following are the benefits of the Magento mobile app solution.

  • How to Create Magento mobile apps?

Dolphin Web Solution is a readymade solution that helps to build a fully functional Magento eCommerce app within flash time. Thus one can develop a Magento eCommerce app for Android and iOS platforms quickly.

  • Customization of mobile apps

Being a readymade app provides a platform for customization. That means one can add or change the required features of the app as required. This Magento solution is very compatible as it allows third-party APIs, a legion of payment gateways like PayPal,, BitPay, etc. to be integrated without any hurdles.

  • Full-featured eCommerce Stores

Usually, an eCommerce website provides a limited scope for the business to target its customers. Whereas Dolphin Web Solution comes with the featured mobile phone app, this helps to reach out to every captive customer. Let’s elaborate on the features which come with Dolphin Web Solution.

  1. Zippy function

As Dolphin Web Solution is the best solution Magento eCommerce.  Apps built using this solution are zippy in terms of performance i.e it provides a smooth user experience. Along with this they are safe from security threats and are compatible with new devices to be built-in features.

  1. Time Efficient

This app has an auto-sync feature. Thus when a store admin updates a product or uploads a new product in the web backend, it gets automatically updated in Magento eCommerce. The users’ effort to make changes again in the app is omitted.

  1. Notifications to attract customers

Push notification is a feature that enables us to be in touch with customers. With this feature, one can update the customers with the latest deal offers, new arrivals, and all other things that match with a customer’s preference. This will prove highly beneficial for the storekeepers.

  1. Targets channel marketing

It is also featured with the options to promote your products through coupons, daily deals, and special prices, and so on. This also helps u with the option of offering reward points to your customers. These are those points that get added up with customer purchases or introduces a new customer. Customers can use these points to avail discounts on their favorite products.

  1. Supports multiple languages

This app is compatible with all the listed languages that are supported by iOS and Android devices. This helps the storekeepers to reach out to all the corners of the world.

  1. Compatible with multiple currencies

Along with the language, it is also compatible with the different currencies of the countries. Magento understands the importance of customers and has come with an advanced feature that supports all currencies.

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