Top 10 Reasons to Why You Should Choose Magento for eCommerce

Written by Vaibhav Salot

Oct 20, 2015

Top 10 Reasons to Why You Should Choose Magento for eCommerce

Right from the time, Magento for eCommerce was launched, this eCommerce platform has become the main attention-drawing force right from the developer’s segment to the merchant community.  In short, it has been the most sought-after platform for those business entrepreneurs who had longed to sell their products online.  It is the flexibility, scalability and modularity that it comes in with, which makes the platform a hot favorite with the developers.  They can incorporate almost anything and everything that their clients ask them to.  The merchants are in love with Magento as it comes in umpteen numbers of features.

Reason to why you should go for Magento for eCommerce:

1.Support for global reach: 

If you are having aspirations to go global with your business, then Magento is a perfect choice.  There is support abundant for localization, multiple languages and multiple currencies.  You can have a list that is configurable of the countries you wish to cater to.  EU cookie notification, EU VAT-ID validation and many more are available on this platform.

2. Modular architecture:

This platform facilitates deep customization at the front end as well as the backend.  Layouts and templates for the former and grids, rewrites, observers, etc for the latter.

3. SEO friendly: 

You can get URLs that are search engine friendly.  Meta-information for different categories, products and content pages makes the website get a better page rank.

4. Built-in support for eCommerce: 

This platform comes in with numerous features that offer abundant support for multi-domain setup and multi-site setup.

5. Huge community: 

The Magento community is so vast that there is ample support just in case you should need it.  There are numerous certification programs and official training programs conducted, should you be interested in them.  You could enroll in the program or else find a certified Magento developer to do the job for you.

6. Access at code level: 

There is the PHP code that is available and also the open-source nature that makes it extremely easy to try things around.

7. Security:

Security is the top priority in this platform.  There are highly secure payment options that come in with PCI standards for data security.  When a customer does online shopping, he is most concerned about the details that he is going to provide as a part of the payment process.  This platform provides ample security to the business owner as well as the customer.

8. Web services API:

There is ample technical support in the form of XMLRPC, SOAP v1 and SOAP v2 which are all inbuilt.

9. Magento Connect: 

This is considered to be the largest eCommerce marketplace for applications in the entire world.

All in all, it is just too awesome to resist!

The whole thing put in concisely here but this amazing platform truly has a lot more than what is actually stated here!  If you are looking for having an emphatic presence on the World Wide Web, then Magento is hands down!

Vaibhav Salot


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