Magento 2 Migration- Is it worth putting efforts

Written by Vaibhav Salot

Feb 08, 2023

Magento 2 Migration- Is it worth putting efforts

Nearly 9% of the e-commerce sites across the world are backed by Magento. Undoubtedly, Magento 1 still holds a strong position and proved to be a powerful platform. Magento officially discontinued overall support of Magento 1 in June 2020. Currently, the question that may strike your mind is – Is it worth putting efforts to move your existing platform to Magento 2 or Is Magento 2 migration worthwhile?

Certainly, you can find immense potential in this platform (Magento 2) and you may think Magento 2 Migration to be a simple process. But in the true sense, it is not!

Magento 2 migration needs you to put in a lot of effort. If you wish to migrate to Magento 2, read through the blog to get acquainted with the process before you dive into the actual process.

Why Magento 2 is essential?

Magento 2 is the second version of a powerful e-commerce platform that was used by nearly 25% of businesses. Magento 2 gained a lot of popularity since 2015 with its user-friendly interface and plethora of features.

Three different Magento 2 Editions

1. Open Source

This edition was earlier known as the community edition. It is free to use version which best suits small businesses to start-ups.

2. Enterprise Edition

It is a premium version customized to meet the needs of medium and large businesses.

It comes with plenty of features available in the open-source edition. Apart from these features it has additional features which include marketing tools and extensive management tools.

3. Enterprise Cloud Edition

This SaaS option helps you get rid of self-hosting and offers similar features as the Enterprise edition.

Magento 2 is the ideal solution in terms of technology, advanced features, and enhanced responsiveness. The user interface is impressive and easy to use.

Magento 2 Migration- Is it worthwhile?

Well, the answer is yes. It is worth putting efforts to migrate to Magento 2. You should move to Magento 2 immediately because of the following reasons

• Enhanced performance

Magento 2 is much better than Magento 1. The overall performance of your website will be elevated by 20%. This is an immense enhancement especially for large e-commerce stores to help them manage thousands of products.

This advancement is attained mainly because of full page caching, cutting down server load while boosting page load time. You will find a better user experience and after a while, you can see enhancement in SEO rankings too.

• Improved backend admin

The backend admin present in Magento 1 was a bit difficult to learn and use, especially for those with less tech knowledge. To help everyone use the platform easily, Magento 2 allows sorting of products with the latest grid view which is feasible for normal users.

• Two-stage checkout process

The improvement in the new checkout process will help customers shop easily without going through a lengthy process where they lose their patience. So, if you build a new e-commerce store on Magento 2 you get to use the two-stage checkout process. The main objective of an e-commerce store is to eliminate all sorts of obstructions that may make the buying process difficult. The more obstructions there is chance of abandoning the shopping cart and customers may go elsewhere. The easy checkout process is one of the essential factors to be considered to run a successful e-commerce store.

• Responsive design

With the increase in mobile users, more and more users are using mobiles to search, surf and buy things than using desktops or laptops. So, a website needs to be mobile responsive at all times and this was one of the drawbacks of the earlier Magento 1 version.

On the other hand, Magento 2 is responsive and will help drive mobile users to your e-store. A responsive design will always help your site work well on all device sizes and types.

• Advanced MSI feature

MSI or multi-source inventory is the latest feature offered by Magento which helps merchants to track and handle their inventory sources without relying on 3rd party platforms or extensions.

Magento MSI allows you to connect multiple inventory sources to single or multiple websites. Certainly, this feature is going to be the future of e-commerce sites.

Are you ready for Magento 2 Migration?

Looking at the above advantages, you would want to migrate to Magento 2 instantly. Still, you need to look at the below-mentioned aspects before performing Magento 2 Migration.

In a lot of cases, the migration from a disapproved version of the tool to the latest avatar is a flawless process. Still, moving from Magento 1 to the newest version which is Magento 2 is not just an upgrade to the newer version of the existing system, but a complete migration to an altogether different system.

If you are thinking of migrating to Magento 2, you need to know bout some issues before you process the migration and before you prepare for migration to Magento 3 a couple of years down the line.

1. Data and Image migration will not be easy

The entire journey of Magento 2 Migration will not be easy for freshers and it is not a single-button installation. If you are keen on knowing about Magento 2 migration, connect with professional Magento services to perform seamless migration.

2. Theme & Template problems

The custom templates & themes developed by designers for Magento 1 are not going to be suitable for Magento 2. It means you need to get the design work done again from scratch.

3. Custom extension problems

For developers who utilize custom extensions in Magento 1 system, the same extensions are not supported in Magento 2. So, developers will have to write the modules again that are compatible with the new system.

If you buy extensions from genuine developers, you should ask them to give you Magento 2 extension versions.


Since Magento 1 is not supported officially, it would be hard to use and maintain it. The era of Magento 1 has gone and the switch to Magento 2 makes sense. If your e-commerce store is massive and highly customized then Magento 2 is the perfect e-commerce platform to go with for higher scalability and reliability.

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