eCommerce Product Photography: Why is it Dampening Your Sales?

Written by Vaibhav Salot

Jan 08, 2016

eCommerce Product Photography:  Why is it Dampening Your Sales?

If you are an owner of a physical store, you would definitely do it up in an immaculate and attractive manner so as to entice your potential and target customers. You will choose the choicest of products for best eCommerce Product Photography and display them so that they get drawn into buying the products.  Well, the same is applicable for online stores too.  Regardless of whether you are a B2B company or a B2C company, you need to project it the way you project your physical store.

When you are having an online store, you need to have the perfect images of the products you are selling through your store.  You should remember one thing here; the shopper is missing out on the sense of touch.  That is the reason why your picture should be of immense quality, has the ability to convince the buyer to buy, without touching and feeling the product.

When in a physical store, the buyer has the advantage of closely examining the product.  But, when in an online store, he cannot do so but rely heavily on the photography and the details that accompany the same. So, the eCommerce retailers are having a huge challenge on hand.  They need to bring about a sense of trust in the minds of the visitors that the products are genuine and worth their price…all through pictures.

Important points for eCommerce product photography

Using latest photography:

When you are using dated photographs on your site, you are lowering the perception that people will gain about your company.  You definitely would not want this to happen.  At the same time, you would not want to have a site that is looking old. Invest in updated and latest photography so that it sends the right message to the visitors on your website.

Facilitate sharing on social media:

If people wish to tell their family and friends about what they have bought, having social media sharing buttons would help.  When you allow people to share, your website is gaining wider exposure and you can garner more eyeballs and perhaps customers too.

Optimize for the mobile platform:

The majority of the shoppers now are engaging in online shopping through their tablets or smartphones.  It, therefore, calls for this wise investment in getting a website that is optimized for different devices.

When you are using photographs on your site, ensure that there is no compromise on the length of the video, placement of the photograph, resolution of the picture and other related stuff.  Markets indicate that shopping through the smartphone and mobile devices is only on the rise.  Ensure that you have included a mobile-friendly design when getting your eCommerce store.

Big is always good:

Bigger the image, the better impact it is going to make.  Based on the traffic that your site gets, try gathering the reactions of people as to how they like to see different sizes of images.  Big is again good here too.  Big in the sense, better resolution images.  These images give away details about intricate matters and when they are coupled with the ‘zoom’ functionality, the double impact is made!

Add relevant videos:

Sometimes, pictures alone may not suffice.  So, couple it with videos too.  The buyer can see the product and get different perspectives about the same.  You do not have to spend a whopping sum on getting the videos but do it with your tablet or smartphone.  The resolution in these devices also is pretty decent.

Your eCommerce store is a sheer reflection of your ideas and aspirations.  Websites are the platforms to reach your target audience.  So, it definitely pays off to invest in making this platform look the latest and updated.  When you are expecting people to visit your store and buy from your store, you need to walk that extra mile to give them the clarity that they cannot get as they cannot touch.  Perfect eCommerce photography will give the depth of the product to the shoppers.

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