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How Much Does WordPress Website Development Cost?

Written by Nimesh Patel

Dec 19, 2023

How Much Does WordPress Website Development Cost?

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Our website is your digital asset that takes your brand to new heights. When it comes to developing a user-friendly, high-quality website, WordPress is a top choice. WordPress website development can cost $720 to $4200 or even more. Costs can add up when customizing the design and functionality. In this article, we will break down the key components that impact the cost of a WordPress site.

A well-designed, feature-rich website can optimize your internal business operations and reinforce your brand’s identity. When it comes to developing a user-friendly, high-quality website, WordPress is a top choice. Your website is your digital asset that takes your brand to new heights. WordPress is a popular CMS platform used by over 30% of all websites. It allows you to build professional websites easily without having any coding expertise. This versatile platform can provide a well-functioning, scalable website that matches your brand’s vision and needs. However, one common question businesses have is how much WordPress website development costs.

WordPress website development can cost $720 to $4200 or even more. Alternatively, consider PSD to WordPress theme conversion, which costs less than going with a completely new custom WordPress website. Costs can add up when customizing the design and functionality. In this article, we will break down the key components that impact the cost of a WordPress site.

WordPress Website Development Cost Price Breakdown

Factors That Influence WordPress Website Development Cost

The WordPress website development cost will vary depending on several factors. Let’s look at the factor.

1. Domain Name

Domain name cost is one of the primary expenses to consider when developing a WordPress website. A domain name is your online store’s unique address that allows users to access your website. The cost of a website’s domain name can vary depending on various factors such as domain registrar, extension (.org, .com, .net, etc.), etc.

Typically, the cost of a domain name can range from $10 to $20 per year or even more. The price variation may happen due to factors such as the length of your domain name, the popularity of the domain extension, and additional features such as email hosting or privacy protection.

You must choose a domain name carefully, as it will represent your website identity and brand. Your domain name should be relevant to your brand, memorable, and align with your overall branding strategy.

This annual recurring cost is essential for setting up your online store. You can check the prices and services of various domain registrars to find the best option for your business.

2. Web Hosting

Hosting forms an essential part of any online store. A host handles the server management, domain name management, website backup, security, SSL certificates, storage space, website restoration, bandwidth allocation, etc. It creates a safe space for your website to operate and function online. A reliable hosting plan may also provide a free domain name and other services.

Web hosting costs can vary depending on your web hosting type. There are mainly three types of web hosting:

  • Dedicated hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS hosting

If you are just starting, you can opt for web hosting, which costs around $3 to $25 monthly. This is ideal for websites experiencing little traffic and if you have a fixed budget. However, if your website grows and you start experiencing much traffic, you can switch from shared web hosting to dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is not ideal in these situations, as increased traffic will put more pressure on your website server and reduce the website’s speed. Dedicated web hosting will be more expensive than shared hosting and can cost you around $30 to $500 monthly or even more.

Another popular type of hosting that is preferred by businesses is VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting. This more stable and secure hosting solution is ideal for medium-traffic websites and less costly than dedicated hosting.

Alternatively, you can opt for hosting services from WordPress directly, which is more secure but expensive. You can opt for WordPress hosting solutions if you want a more scalable and stable website.

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3. WordPress Theme

WordPress has a robust library of 10,000+ free themes, which is great for eCommerce store owners. It also has paid themes in third-party marketplaces such as ThemeForest. These powerful themes will allow your brand to stand out from your competitors by offering a unique look.

If you want a theme unique to your business needs, opt for a custom WordPress theme. These themes will have a unique layout, features, and design. With a custom theme, you don’t have to be limited by pre-existing layouts or templates. You can add any functionality or layout with these paid versions.

WordPress free themes are undoubtedly handy for people with minimum or zero technical knowledge, but they may fail to meet the professional needs of businesses. For paid WordPress themes, you may need around $50 or $1100, or even more, depending on the features and functionalities. However, if you opt for a custom theme development, you may need to spend $10,000 to $40,000 or even more, depending on the customization needs.

4. Custom Design and Development

If you want robust functionality, custom designs are your way to go. Although premium themes cost under $100, the time involved in developing your customized website is where the costs vary. If you have knowledge of HTML/CSS and an imaginative mind, you might be able to customize your WordPress themes. But if you want your website to look professional, we recommend opting for reliable WordPress development services.

Also, if you want to develop a website that fulfils your unique brand guidelines, a custom WordPress theme can help. A professional web designer can help you develop a website using custom designs that align with your goals and branding.

Custom WordPress website development involves the process of building tailored and unique features on the WordPress framework to satisfy business needs. These custom themes enable businesses to access more robust features beyond the limitations of WordPress templates and themes.

Professional WordPress developers primarily do this customization process with adequate knowledge and skills. There is no fixed WordPress development cost, but it will depend on various factors such as:

  • The complexity and functionality of the WordPress website,
  • Type of developers hired: freelancers or a professional WordPress website development company
  • Location of the WordPress development team

The complexity of a tailor-made WordPress website refers to the number of website pages, bespoke features, functionalities, user roles, and site design specifications.


5. WordPress Plugins

One of the key benefits of using WordPress to develop your website is the plugins. With plugins, you can add various features and functionalities to your website to make it more powerful and feature-. Whether you want to convert your simple website to a robust, scalable online store or add a form page, you can opt for WordPress plugins.

Plugins form the backbone of WordPress. You will find over 54,000 plugins in WordPress that can strengthen your website.

You can also hire WordPress developers to create custom plugins for your website. WordPress has multiple free plugins, but you can opt for premium plugin options if you want customization options, dedicated support, or advanced features. Depending on the features and functionalities, these can change from $20 to $100 or even more. Also, certain free WordPress plugins have premium paid versions with advanced features.

You can choose from multiple plugins, from anti-spam to contact forms to SEO.

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6. Maintenance and Updates

The cost of WordPress website maintenance and upgrades will vary depending on factors such as improving the site’s performance, additional file storage requirements, security certificate renewal, etc. When your website reaches peak demand, the website maintenance team should maintain the performance and security of the website.

The cost of WordPress website maintenance will also depend on the type of services you choose. If you have an in-house WordPress developer team who can do the maintenance and upgrades for your website, it can cost $30 or even more monthly.

Opting for a freelancer can cost you around $50 to $150 or even more, depending on the experience, requirements, skillset, etc. However, it is important to note that maintenance and updates are vital to the success of your eCommerce business. If you cannot notice/fix a bug or perform necessary updates, your website may slow down, prevent user access, or other issues. This can reduce both your visitors rate and conversion rate. This is why it is essential to ensure that your website is always in a top-notch condition. An experienced and professional WordPress development service provider may charge you $200 to $800 or even more, but maintain your website 24/7.


The cost to develop a website can range anywhere from $ 5,000 to $50,000 or even more, depending on the factors we have discussed above. The themes, features, plugins, project requirements, developer fees, etc., are some primary factors influencing the WordPress website development cost. WordPress allows you to start with minimum investment and add functioexnalities and plugins as your business grows. Opt for expert and experienced WordPress developers to make the most of this robust CMS platform.

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