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Top 10 Shopware Development Companies

Written by Nimesh Patel

Mar 01, 2024

Top 10 Shopware Development Companies

Summary :

Shopware is a popular name in the eCommerce industry that helps B2B and B2C business owners develop robust online sites. From secured payment gateways to ensuring scalability without compromising performance and flexibility, Shopware infuses all exceptional functionalities in online stores. Dolphin Web Solutions, Emizentech, and Novalnet are some of the top Shopware development companies. Let's explore more.


Shopware is an eCommerce platform allowing business owners to build and expand their online stores digitally. With Shopware, you can entertain a vast consumer base and offer multilanguage payment gateways. When choosing a professional for Shopware development, you must consider multiple factors such as their certification in Shopware, expertise in handling project management tools such as TeamWork, Zoho, etc, implementing frontend applications, and others.

What is Shopware?

what is shopware

Shopware is a popular eCommerce platform that companies use to develop, manage, upgrade, and expand online stores. Shopware has features and functionalities that streamline eCommerce operations, such as order management, drag-and-drop website builder, product management tools, etc. Shopware will provide full access to the source code, ensuring that your data ultimately belongs to you. Shopware can automate B2B and B2C business operations without even writing a code.

Shopware is built on Symphony, a robust, well-tested PHP framework. This makes Shopware more flexible and extensible than other types of eCommerce platforms. Also, Shopware is often preferred over BigCommerce and Magento as the former is more community-driven and open-source.

Shopware 6 source code can be accessed through GitHub, which developers prefer, making it a top choice among eCommerce development companies. The Shopware community will help you become a part of worldwide developers, technology partners, and agencies with phenomenal support and extensive knowledge.

Moreover, Shopware comes with over 2000 extensions covering various functionality and categories. You can choose from these extensions depending on your business needs. Shopware provides a vast pool of premium and free themes. You can also ask your Shopware developer to offer customized Shopware pieces that align with your brand identity.

Criteria for Selection for Top Shopware Development Companies

Here are some of the factors for hire shopware developers which you should consider before selecting a Shopware development company:

1. Years of Experience with Shopware

Years of experience with Shopware developers will dictate how well they can handle the features, functionalities, and project management tools. The more their experience, the more their diversity of project management and skills will be.

2. Shopware-certified Developers on Staff

When hiring Shopware developers, you must ensure that they are Shopware-certified developers. With an in-depth knowledge of technology, Shopware developers will be able to create an advanced and highly secure eCommerce store. Certified developers are more likely to have a robust understanding of the following:

  • Technology and Structure of Shopware 6
  • Implementing feature-rich frontend apps
  • Using hooks and events
  • Adding Shopware-related services and attributes

3. Quality of Portfolio

The project portfolio of Shopware developers mirrors their quality of work as it displays their experience and expertise in one place. Check that they have experience in delivering Shopware projects similar to yours. Understand whether they are proficient in using the APIs, plugins, and functionalities you require.

4. Budget and Pricing

When looking for cost-efficient Shopware developers, try to maintain the features, competencies, user experience, and quality of your Shopware application. Check the long-term benefits associated with hiring a particular Shopware partner based on the shopware developer cost.

5. Support and Maintenance

The job of your Shopware developers continues beyond just deploying the eCommerce store. Entertaining your users will require introducing new features and the latest technology trends. Without support and maintenance, your application may face bug issues, scalability concerns, upgrade failure, etc. This is why I always prefer companies that offer support and maintenance services.

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Top 10 Shopware Development Companies

We have researched the top 10 shopware development companies to narrow down the search for you:

1. Dolphin Web Solution

Dolphin Web Solution

The company specializes in PHP frameworks, Shopware development, CMS, Web and Android applications, and website maintenance. With its unparalleled Shopware development services, Dolphin Web Solution aims to establish an exclusive and distinct identity for businesses.

Solutions & Services: eCommerce Solutions (Shopify, Shopware, Hyva, Magento, PWA, WooCommerce), Web Development (Laravel, PHP, WordPress), Mobile App Development (IOS, Android, Flutter, React Native), Enterprise Solution (.Net, Odoo, Java), UI/UX design, Graphics Design, JavaScript Development (NodeJS, ReactsJs)

Founded: 2009

Cost: $25-$49/hr

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat


2. Perfsol


Perfsol offers a full range of custom app, web, and software development solutions to help businesses across the globe achieve their goals. They maintain a high standard and ensure customer satisfaction at each step. Their certified developers aim to make complicated processes easy for their clients. Their solutions are tailored to the specific eCommerce development needs of their clients.

Solutions & Services: DevOps, quality assurance, web development, product design, UI/UX design, shopware development, web design

Founded: 2018

Cost: $25-$49/hr

Location: Ukraine

3. Redberry International

Redberry International

Founded in 2014, Redberry International is a leading Shopware development company serving clients worldwide. Their extensive Shopware development solutions include Shopware expert consultation, shopware custom development, shopware migration, and shopware integration. They assist both B2C and B2B enterprises achieve their maximum potential by leveraging Shopware technology.

Solutions & Services: Product design, Software development, growth marketing, UX/UI design

Founded: 2014

Cost: $25-$49/hr

Location: Georgia

4. Emizentech


Founded in 2013, Emizentech started as a Web development startup company. They have a pioneering way of handling eCommerce arrangements, IT arrangements, and advanced marketing services. They have revolutionized how people use technology to acquire data, communicate, direct business, etc.

Solutions & Services: Web designing, Web development, Software development, Magento WordPress designing, realistic designing, software consulting, mobile application development, etc.

Founded: 2013

Cost: $25-$50/hr

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

5. Novalnet


Novalnet is another top name in the eCommerce industry. They empower safe payment transactions online, offer advanced Shopware-based application development, and deliver high-performing CMS solutions. They have served clients across industry verticals.

Solutions & Services: eCommerce development, CMS development, customized software development, online payment solutions, testing and validation


Cost: $25-$50/hr

Location: Chennai

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6. Webkul


Webkul has grown over 45 augmentations for the Shopware development system. Webkul can easily handle the most complex eCommerce projects owing to its knowledge of shopware, access to robust APIs, use of the latest technology, and a team of certified developers.

Solutions & Services: Marketplace development, Adobe Commerce development, Odoo ERP development, Salesforce services, Mobile App Development, Headless Commerce Development, website development, API Development, AMP and PWA Development, SaaS Development, open-source integrations, Cloud and DevOps, custom CRM development, mobile app development, PIM Development

Founded: 2010

Cost: $25-$50/hr

Location: Uttar Pradesh

7. iCreative Technologies Ltd

iCreative Technologies Ltd

With offices across India, Canada, and the USA, iCreative Technologies has been working with global IT leaders and delivering high-quality eCommerce solutions. They offer incredible solutions when it comes to web and mobile technology. They follow a unique, innovative approach, the latest eCommerce tools, and robust APIs to provide high-standard IT solutions.

Solutions & Services: Shopware custom development, Shopware integration and extension development, Shopware expert consultation, Shopware maintenance, Shopware migration, Shopware up-gradation services

Founded: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Cost: $20-$50/hr

Location: 2014

8. TreoLabs


TreoLabs offers a range of eCommerce services, from performance optimization of existing online stores to setting up new online stores. Their team of certified Shopware developers has expertise in handling projects of varying complexities and different industries. Their collaborative approach and access to the latest plugins and tools help them deliver high-quality applications.

Their measured programming arrangements, such as AtroPIM, AtroCore, and AtroDAM, are popular among clients.

Solutions & Services: Web design, CMS development, web development, eCommerce solutions, web portal development, etc

Founded: 2010

Cost: $20-$50/hr

Location: Germany

9. AuxesisInfotech


AuxesisInfotech offers unparalleled eCommerce development solutions. Their team comprises certified and committed designers, administrators, developers, and other IT experts. They provide customized web development solutions that improve the reach of your online store and make your online business a prominent name in the eCommerce industry.

Solutions & Services: User experience design, digital experience platform development, digital engineering, web designing, web development, support and maintenance

Founded: 2014

Cost: $20+/hr

Location: New Delhi

10. 2hatslogic


2hatslogic offers Shopware solutions with excellent user experience features such as multiple drag-able windows, a modern responsive app theme base, etc. They can integrate APIs into any system and ensure customization in your projects. Their expertise lies in building apps/plugins, custom themes, migrations on Shopware, and improving the UI/UX of existing applications. They are an official Shopware Integration partner.

Solutions & Services: Shopware POS system, Shopware mobile commerce, shopware plugin development, shopware migration, Lavarel development, mobile app development, progressive mobile app development, web development, eCommerce development

Founded: 2014

Cost: $30-70/hr

Location: Kerala


From multi language capabilities to advanced product and order management solutions, the functionalities of Shopware make it a top choice among developers and eCommerce businesses. The Shopware Cloud will allow you to catalyze and scale your business while providing seamless business operation management solutions. However, all these benefits can be experienced only when you choose the right Shopware development company. Certified Shopware developers with years of experience and a vast portfolio should be preferred as they can handle your project better. Also, check whether the company will provide ongoing support and maintenance. You can check out our top 10 picks to make an informed decision quickly.

Nimesh Patel


Nimesh Patel is an MD at Dolphin Web Solution, a Web/App Design and Development Company, helping global businesses grow. He has expertise in E-commerce Web Development, App Development & Product Development.

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