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How to Start a Jewelry Business Online?

Written by Nimesh Patel

Dec 22, 2023

How to Start a Jewelry Business Online?

Summary :

People love to accessorize and they are willing to trade their cash for pretty jewelry pieces. This can prompt you to start your own jewelry business but the question is how! From choosing your business name to building your brand's online presence to looking into its analytics and improvement, there's a lot that you need to do. Let us understand the A to Z of starting a jewelry business online.

With various niches available in the jewelry industry, you can start selling fashion jewelry online, depending on your interests. As your business scales, you can branch out to other types of jewelry, including fine, vintage, or exquisite pieces. The value of the online jewelry sector amounted to $270 billion in 2022 and is expected to hit $307 billion by 2026, which makes it an excellent time to enter this industry.

From choosing a niche, sourcing the raw materials, hiring a top eCommerce development company, and setting up payments, this article will take you through all the bases for setting up your online jewelry business.

How To Start a Jewelry Business Online?

How To Start a Jewelry Business Online

1. Choosing Your Business Name & Structure

Take your time when choosing a brand name, and try to be creative. Your brand name should reflect the type of service that you are willing to offer and resource well with your target audience. Your business name will be the face of your brand, so it should be easy to remember, short, and unique. The business name should be available legally, and it should not already be protected or used by another business. Also, check that the domain name is available.

There are primarily three types of business structures available for selling jewelry online — Corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), and Sole Proprietorship. Corporations and LLC businesses are ideal to protect your assets. After choosing an appropriate business structure, you can register your brand as a business entity.

Some of the permits and licenses that you might need for your online jewelry business include the Business Operation License, which allows you to conduct your business legally. The Home Occupation Permit is needed as you wish to conduct your business operations from home, and the Seller’s Permit is required to sell jewelry online which can be acquired from the Department of Revenue or local licensing office.

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2. Research and Planning

The first step in starting your online jewelry business is identifying your target audience and competitors. Conduct competitor research and understand what they are offering and how well your target audience is responding to them.

With so many existing online jewelry businesses, the best way to enter this market fast is to discover what is trending on various online jewelry marketplaces. Try to bring similar pieces or add something unique to the trending pieces to offer more value to your customers. Use various tools and platforms to gather information about trends and better cater to your customer’s needs.

3. Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Choosing your niche before you venture into the online jewelry market is essential. Here are a few popular niches to consider:

  • Handmade Jewelry: If you want to deliver something unique and promote custom jewelry craftsmanship, you can opt for this. However, this niche can be a bit difficult to scale.
  • Fine Jewelry: The USP of this type of jewelry is that it is made with precious metals and high-quality craftsmanship. These pieces will come with a high price tag as they last a lifetime.
  • Costume Jewelry: Also called fashion jewelry, these are mainly made for aesthetics and trends. These are usually made from non-precious metals and are affordable.
  • Plated Jewelry: Made of non-precious metals, it is an affordable alternative to fine jewelry. An example of this type of jewelry is brass jewelry coated in 10k gold.
  • Body Jewelry: This niche sells unconventional jewelry such as nose rings, anklets, belly chains, etc.
  • Vintage jewelry: Many people shop for jewelry from a particular historical era. It’s an incredible niche if you love sourcing antique jewelry.

Once you have selected your niche, the next step is to outline your USP. It should define the value of your jewelry pieces to your customers. Define what differentiates your brand from competitors and how you specialize in your niche.

4. Legalities and Logistics

The first step is LLP, sole proprietorship, or company registration. An LLP or company would separate your business assets and finances from your assets and facilitate easy GST registration.

The next step is registering for GST to become a seller on the eCommerce portal. You can then open your business bank account and set up a payment gateway for customer payments.

It would help if you abided by various eCommerce regulations when starting your online jewelry brand. There is much to follow, from applying for a tax ID to Choosing a payment gateway to Understanding shipping restrictions. You must also comply with age restrictions and follow PCI compliance.

When it comes to online payment systems, users prefer having multiple choices. If your users don’t find their preferred transaction method, they may abandon their shopping cart, harming your conversions.

Also, choose an online payment system that is secure and safe for the customers to turn them into loyal customers.


5. Setting Up Your Online Store

Choose a platform that allows you to provide an omnichannel experience to your customers. Evaluate the cost of ownership of various eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, etc. Evaluate which platform comes with your required integrations and plugins.

Also, your eCommerce platform must offer the best website themes and user experience. It must deliver a great website speed experience and allow your business to scale without issues. Check the ease of use and store functionality to deliver an out-of-the-box shopping experience to your customers.

It should also offer excellent platform security as you handle users’ sensitive data. You should ensure SSL, secure data backups, and PCI compliance. An ideal eCommerce platform will ensure website personalization and support multiple payment gateways. Lastly, check whether your preferred platform supports a speedy and smooth order experience.

You can work with a top eCommerce development company to choose an ideal platform for your website.

Your online store’s website must be mobile-friendly and accessible on every device. It should be simple for users to find products and information on your site. The pages should load quickly and have concise, well-formatted content.

Websites with pleasing aesthetics have higher conversion rates as visitors feel more confident and comfortable using them. Create a memorable visual experience for your users and use high-quality product images to help users understand the type of product they will receive.

You can contact various website developers and ask about the eCommerce website development cost and then finalize a company to create your eCommerce website.

6. Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies if you want to reach a broader audience base and convert them into loyal customers.

1. Content Marketing

Create great content that showcases your jewelry brand accurately and resonates with your target customer base. Use your content marketing through organic ads or paid advertising. Quality content that educates the target audience about your brand is vital. You can create blog posts, email marketing, social media ads, retargeting ads, etc, to broaden your customer base.

2. Social Media Presence

The best way to reach your target audience or connect to global users is through social media. Create content for social media that resonates with your target audience while promoting your brand. Use social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to deliver rich product photography and videos to your customers. This will help to grow your base of loyal customers.

3. SEO

SEO is a great way to boost your organic traffic. While you may not experience immediate results with SEO, you will get long-term gains. Use intelligent content marketing to pop up on search engines for search words your target audience uses.

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7. Customer Service

When you are providing customer service, use a helpful and respectful tone. Provide prompt assistance to your customers as they hate waiting. Find solutions that address your customer’s needs and grievances. Be honest with them if things go wrong.

Your refund, return, and exchange policies should be easy to understand, find, and comply with. Offer multiple options to your customers to boost Customer satisfaction and minimize the chances of disputes. Automate the process and offer excellent customer service.

A seamless, personalized experience is vital for promoting loyalty. Personalized experiences ensure that your customers experience consistent messaging across multiple touchpoints.

8. Analytics and Improvements

Website analytics tools are essential to track, report, and measure your jewelry store activity, including visitor sources, user clicks, and site traffic. These tools help you analyze and get insights into what is working in favor of your business and what is not. You can use Google Analytics and other analytics tools to improve your store functionality and performance.

Customer feedback is essential as it is a guiding resource for your company’s growth. Before gathering customer feedback, decide what you want to do with the data and which customer feedback channel would work best for your needs. You can allow them to write reviews on your website, create email and customer contact forms, provide feedback on social media, etc. Make actionable changes after gathering customer feedback and work on customer suggestions to make them feel heard.

9. Scaling Your Business

You can expand your product offerings once you have established a good customer base. One good way to expand your jewelry business is to customize your jewelry pieces or enter lucrative jewelry niches. Research the type of jewelry your target audience is interested in and try to deliver those products. Inform your customers about your new product offerings and analyze how they react.

Shopping on multiple sales channels is familiar to young shoppers. If you want your eCommerce business to scale, it is essential to explore new sales channels. Promoting your business on multiple sales channels allows you to widen your audience, improve your SEO, and expand at a low cost. Here are a few sales channels that you can use for your online jewelry store:

  • Online marketplaces such as Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.
  • Social Media such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.
  • Mobile apps, Dropshipping, etc.

Evaluate which sales channels will add to your business and how to get more audience.

If you want to expand the reach of your online jewelry business and attract new customers, collaborate with partners and influencers. Find accounts that can influence your target audience, analyze the type of content they post, their followers count, the demographic breakdown of their followers, and how they can help your jewelry brand. You can arrange a paid or sponsored post within your budget or go for a barter partnership with an influencer.


Every business has unique quirks and challenges, but fully understanding the online jewelry industry, your niche, and your target market would allow you to succeed. Once you have launched your online jewelry store, the next step is to utilize the best digital marketing strategies and serve your customers to your full potential. Continuously upgrade your products and improve your services to create a loyal customer base. If you want to start a robust jewelry e-commerce website store online with a sound technical backdrop to scale rapidly, contact Dolphin Web Solution for a jewelry e-commerce website.

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