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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Shopify Developer?

Written by Nimesh Patel

Aug 29, 2023

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Shopify Developer?

Summary :

Learn about the complete ways to hire a Shopify Developer in 2023. Learn more about the variables that affect the cost of expertise. Examine the variety of services Shopify Developers provide and how they fit with different spending limits. Utilize this comprehensive cost analysis to help you decide what to do with your online business.


People used to prefer shopping at actual stores in the past. Setting up an online store is one of the choices available to businesses today to interact with their customers in the digital market. Let’s say you’re debating hiring a Shopify specialist to build your online store. If so, you may find out how much it will cost to hire Shopify developers to set up your store for success in the eCommerce industry.

For your company, hiring a Shopify professional may be a wise investment. You must use Shopify professional services to create a new store, build a Shopify Store, switch to a new platform, or enhance your current store. You can maximize the platform’s potential with the aid of a Shopify professional.

However, the cost of hiring a Shopify Developer might differ significantly based on the extent of the work, the project duration, and the expert’s expertise. Let’s examine the cost of hiring a developer to create a Shopify Store in more detail, along with the aspects you should consider.

Nearly 700 million consumers purchased from Shopify stores in 2022, while 2.14 billion did so in 2023. Over 6 Million companies utilize Shopify to build their primary eCommerce websites.

What is Shopify?

Established in 2006, Shopify is a user-friendly online retail platform with POS capabilities. It enables multi-channel expansion and brand growth and offers a 14-day free trial. It facilitates website creation, item management, and sales. Shopify offers robust analytics and customization to enhance customer experiences and ROI.


What Makes Shopify The Best Ecommerce Platform?

For several convincing reasons, Shopify is considered one of the best cms for ecommerce websites. Businesses of all sizes choose it because of its extensive capabilities, user-friendly layout, and reliable support.

First, Shopify provides many capabilities that address all ecommerce needs. It offers resources to build a distinctive online store specifically suited to a business’s requirements, from editable website templates to a powerful inventory management system. Its integrated payment methods and easy connectivity with several third-party apps simplify the entire sales process.

Second, because Shopify’s user-friendly interface needs no technical expertise, even non-technical people can easily set up and run online businesses. Adding goods, handling orders, and keeping track of sales is simple, thanks to the drag-and-drop capabilities and straightforward interface.

Additionally, the quickness and efficiency of Shopify’s committed customer care is well known. Their round-the-clock support ensures consumers can immediately fix any problems they run into.

Also significant is Shopify’s scalability. It offers plans and services that align with changing demands and fit enterprises at all phases of development, from startups to enterprise-level operations.

Shopify, a premier ecommerce platform, stands out with robust features, user-friendly design, strong support, and scalability. It enables swift and successful online store setup and management.

The top one million websites use the leading ecommerce platform vendor, Shopify. Between standard Shopify businesses (21%) and Shopify Plus stores (4%), it controls 25% of the top million ecommerce websites. WooCommerce, a competitor of Shopify, comes in second overall with 24% of this lucrative industry. With roughly 10.32% of the global e-commerce market, Shopify is fourth in market share of all e-commerce websites, just behind Squarespace, Woo Themes, and Woocommerce, which each have 14% and 38.74% market shares, respectively.

Why Do You Need A Shopify Developer Developer?

A practitioner with extensive knowledge and skill in creating, developing, and optimizing Shopify is known as a Shopify Developer. They can perform various duties, including marketing, store setting, customizing themes, integrating apps, and more.

A Shopify professional may save you time and money by ensuring your store is properly set up and optimized for conversions. These professionals assist you in avoiding costly errors that could hurt your company. They can provide you with insightful suggestions that you would not have otherwise thought of, thanks to their knowledge and experience.

Additionally, Shopify professionals remain abreast of recent technological advancements and industry best practices. To improve user experience and boost revenue, they may assist you with implementing new features and functions. Engaging with a Shopify specialist may help you advance your company and reach your objectives.

What Exactly Shopify Developer Do?

We’ll explain what a Shopify developer is if you’re curious. Most software engineers have prior front-end development expertise, a great eye for pixel-perfect design, and excellent user experience (UX) Shopify developer abilities.

Additionally, they provide Shopify applications and features for online stores that use the Shopify platform. They may resolve complicated problems by integrating with Shopify’s admin and front-end of a site and check out using GraphQL and REST APIs; they may resolve complicated problems.

Businesses favor Shopify, a prominent eCommerce platform, for its user-friendly setup, devoid of coding needs. Yet, for bespoke shopping experiences, a Shopify Developer is valuable. These experts aid in-store setup, custom app development, SEO, and marketing, addressing diverse needs comprehensively.

Qualified Shopify Developer can help with the following:

  • Promotional activities and business growth
  • Development and setup of stores
  • Layout and template design and development for Shopify
  • Expert Advice on the Importance of Visual Content and Branding Writing for SEO and Content.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire A Shopify Developer?

1. Shopify Developers’ Hourly Rates

The cost of a Shopify developer’s services is often based on an hourly rate that changes according to the developer’s experience level. In the United States and Canada, the starting hourly pay for Shopify developers is normally $50, and for seasoned pros, it may reach $150.

The cost of skilled Shopify developers from non-US nations, notably Asia, is substantially lower. These specialists’ hourly rates range from $25 for talented developers to $50 for those with substantial expertise.

Cost To Hire A Shopify Developer


2. Developers’ Fixed Rates for Shopify

Some Shopify developers may charge a predetermined fee in addition to hourly charges for a particular job. Hiring a Shopify developer costs $500 to $25,000, varying by customization needs. The extent of website customization dictates the final expense.

3. Shopify Developers’ Median Hourly Rates on Upwork

On the well-known freelancing marketplace Upwork, you can easily discover Shopify developers. The typical hourly fees for Shopify developers, according to Upwork, are:

Starter: $15 per hour

Advanced: $33 per hour

Expert: $95 per hour

Developers for Shopify on Upwork often charge $30 to $95 per hour.

Factors That Affect Shopify Developer Costs

The Shopify package and features you select will rely on your financial situation and needs. Budgeting is also necessary for purchasing domain names and any other third-party software that may be utilised to make your Shopify business appear as professional as possible. Initially, you may get assistance from qualified Shopify developers to determine your needs and when.

The cost of hiring a Shopify Developer varies based on project complexity, skills, and availability. Research is key to ensuring optimal value for investment. Doing your homework on the expert is crucial to ensure you receive the most value for your money. The following significant factors can influence Shopify developer costs:

Factors That Affect Shopify Developer Cost


Expertise Level

The fee for a Shopify Developer may change depending on their level of training and expertise. People with extensive experience and education typically charge extra due to their skill and competency.

Junior Developer : $20 – $50
Mid-level Developer : $30 – $80
Senior Developer : $100 – $200+


Depending on where they are, Shopify developers may charge different prices. Depending on where they are situated, Shopify developers charge different prices. Professionals often request remuneration based on the going rate in their nation.

Asia: $20-$50/hour
Africa: $20-50$/hour
South America: $30-$60/hour
Europe: $50-$100/hour
North America: $75-$150/hour

Scope of the Project

Do you want a Shopify Developer to design and implement a complete setup of your online store? What kind of online store do you wish to establish? Do you want everything customised? What features and capabilities are you hoping to incorporate? The price depends on whether your project is small, medium, or large. The amount of work a Shopify specialist needs to do and its kind defines the price range. Depending on your project needs, Shopify Developer may price you hourly or on a fixed fee per project basis.

Project Size

A project’s size will impact the costs of hiring a Shopify developer. Long-term projects could cost more, requiring more time, knowledge, and resources.

Payment Plan

The project’s schedule will also impact the cost. The cost of the Shopify developer may increase if you need the job finished quickly and have a tight deadline.

Where to Find the Best Shopify Developer?

Businesses may locate and employ Shopify specialists for shopify development services from various sources for their e-commerce shop development requirements. We have discussed some of the most well-liked choices for you. Let’s investigate them!

Where to Find the Best Shopify Developer


1. Dolphin Web Solution: Dolphin Web Solution is one of the top ecommerce development companies. It can provide you access to highly skilled Shopify developers, assuring that your e-commerce demands will be met with custom solutions. Boost the success of your internet business using their knowledge.

2. Marketplace for Shopify Experts: The Marketplace for Shopify Developer is an official site where companies may locate Shopify specialists who Shopify has screened. Businesses may use the site to explore specialists by category, Let’s look at their portfolios, and get quotations.

3. Toptal: Toptal is an online market that links customers with Shopify independent contractors, subject matter experts, and consultants that can offer the top 3% of top-notch services.

4. Freelancing sites: Like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr are other well-liked locations to locate Shopify specialists. These platforms enable companies to advertise job openings, evaluate expert suggestions, and select the best applicant.

5. Referrals: Getting recommendations from coworkers, acquaintances, or other companies in the field is another effective technique to identify and employ a Shopify specialist. Businesses may use this strategy to find experts with a reputation for producing high-caliber work.

Final Words: Best Way to Hire Shopify Developer

Companies should engage a Shopify professional to create a successful and high-quality online store. To make sure they choose the best partner to support them in achieving their ecommerce store development goals, businesses should assess possible candidates based on their experience, expertise, pricing, and communication abilities. At the same time, Shopify Developer use the two most common pricing models, hourly rates and fixed project fees, before hiring a Shopify Developer.

An excellent method to make sure you get the most out of your Shopify experience is to hire Shopify developers. You may use a Shopify Developer’s knowledge and expertise in creating, launching, and managing your Shopify store by hiring their services.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to comprehend the expenses related to when opting for a shopify development services. While price is a significant consideration, it’s also crucial to ensure you work with a skilled professional who can offer the support and direction you need to advance your Shopify store.

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