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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Laravel Developer?

Written by Nimesh Patel

Oct 02, 2023

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Laravel Developer?

Summary :

When considering hiring a Laravel specialist for your web development project, it's crucial to assess all cost factors to make an informed decision. You might find a freelancer charging $15/hour or partner with a US-based developer for $200+/hour. In this post we are going to discuss how much it costs to hire a Laravel developer.


PHP is one of the most popular and oldest web development languages, and Laravel is its most demanded framework.

Choosing an ideal framework for your website or application is one of the initial project development stages’ most critical and challenging aspects. Usually, businesses choose a framework depending on its popularity and development cost, but factors like deployment, testing, third-party integrations, and others must also be considered.

The PHP scripting language comes with various frameworks with powerful technical capabilities, such as Symfony, Yii 2, Codelgniter, CakePHP, Laravel, Slim, and Zend, but Laravel is the most popular.

Maintained and developed by Taylor Otwell, Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that works as a more advanced Codelgniter framework alternative. This framework became even more popular after the release of Laravel version 3, which has features like Support for Database systems, Command Line Interface, and packaging systems known as bundles. With an in-built template engine, eloquent ORM, Artisan Console, Multiple File System, Task Scheduling, and security features, Laravel undoubtedly secures the top position as a PHP framework.

Now that you know which framework to choose for your application or website, the next step is to understand the importance of hiring a Laravel specialist for your business. Laravel developers come with cutting-edge technology and tools that let you create a web application that is high-performing, customer-centric, and scalable. Also, they can build multilingual sites for your business to help you go global and get more customers worldwide. Laravel developers who are experienced can provide you with cost-effective solutions that meet your budget specifications. They will develop websites that are highly secure, flawless in operations, highly efficient, and handle web traffic effortlessly.

Businesses often have this notion that hiring a Laravel specialist is expensive. However, several cost-effective ways exist to Hire a Laravel Developer without going overboard with your budget. Here we will discuss the factors affecting the cost of hiring a Laravel specialist and how you can stay within your budget specifications.

Why Hire a Laravel Specialist?

Why Hire a Laravel Specialist

When you hire Laravel development experts, you are working with professionals with the knowledge and experience of working with artisan console, cache, package development, queues, billing, and more to develop feature-packed, dynamic, and future-proof eCommerce applications.

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Build High-Performing and Secure Websites

With prior experience and technical expertise, Laravel experts build feature-rich web applications without sacrificing performance. They are well-versed in advanced tools and technology that can be integrated into your website’s Laravel framework to boost its performance and efficiency.

Also, Laravel developers leverage the components and functionalities of the framework to ensure high-class security to protect your website from any hidden and unintended SQL injections, malware activities, or security threats.

Develop Future-Ready Websites Within a Short Time

Flexibility and scalability are two crucial factors of an eCommerce site. As you focus on spotting new trends and engaging your customers, your Laravel developer will integrate the latest developments into your website to generate features that expand, modernize, and grow your eCommerce store. Also, they will build a responsive, secure, and dynamic eCommerce store within a short time frame owing to their advanced inbuilt commands and modern technologies.

laravel development

Powerful Authentication

In this ever-increasingly digital world, authorization and authentication are vital areas businesses should prioritize. ECommerce sites must have robust authorization and authentication to make transactions risk-free and safe. Customers who feel unsafe using your website will only proceed with the payment transaction.

Expert Laravel developers will effectively leverage the Laravel functionalities to provide access to only authorized users and develop robust authentication for your site.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Hiring a Laravel Specialist

Factors Affecting the Cost of Hiring a Laravel Specialist

The standard cost of hiring a professional Laravel developer depends on various factors like experience level, project complexity, location of the developer, and more.

A. Experience and Skill Level

1. Junior vs. Senior Laravel Developers

One way to hire Laravel developers cost-effectively is to hire good middle-level or junior developers with reasonable experience and background. The hiring charges usually increase for developers with experience and past big projects. However, we recommend having at least one senior Laravel developer in your team and the rest Junior level developers to cut down on your hiring costs while ensuring high-quality product delivery.

  • Beginner: $10 per hour
  • Intermediate: $30 per hour
  • Expert: $70 per hour

Cost Of Junior & Senior Laravel Developers

2. Impact on Project Complexity

Complex projects usually require experienced and skilled Laravel developers with advanced coding knowledge, database know-how, soft skills, and web development expertise. A complex, full-fledged, feature-rich application will require a team of experienced, senior Laravel developers, which will increase your project costs considerably.

B. Project Scope and Complexity

1. Simple Websites vs. Complex Web Applications

A simple website will involve less effort, time, cost, and experience level of developers. However, suppose you wish to build feature-rich, complex websites with CRM, ERP, or third-party API integrations. In that case, you need a Laravel developer with core competency and experience working with advanced technologies. Complex web applications will cost you more than simple ones, requiring highly skilled developers, advanced tools, and more time and effort to develop them.

2. Customization and Integrations

Suppose you want to integrate various extension points in your application to change or replace the core components of your system at any time, customize your website, or opt for third-party integrations. In that case, the cost of hiring a Laravel developer will go up.

C. Location of the Specialist

1. Onshore vs. Offshore Development

The location of your Laravel specialist will also affect the hiring cost. Developers residing close to you (onshore developers) can communicate more effectively with you, leading to faster project development and modifications. When you work with an offshore team, communicating and getting things done can be more expensive, challenging, and time-consuming.

  • Africa: $10 – $30 per hour
  • Asia: $20 – $50 per hour
  • Europe: $50 – $100 per hour
  • America: $50 – $150 per hour

Worldwide Laravel Developers Cost

2. Cost of Living and Market Rates

Laravel developers residing in areas having a higher cost of living or where the market rates are high due to high demand for PHP developers will tend to charge more. For example, Laravel developers in Western Europe or the United States will have higher development rates than those in India, Southeast Asia, or Eastern Europe.

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Cost Structures for Hiring Laravel Specialists

There are various cost structures available for hiring Laravel developers to ensure that businesses with different needs and budget constraints can find the right one for them:

A. Hourly Rates

If your Laravel development project requires temporary workers or you need to make some updates, hiring Laravel developers hourly might be ideal for you. The hourly costs may start from $18 and go up to $75, depending on the requirements and complexities of the project.

B. Fixed-Price Contracts

Businesses often prefer the fixed-price contract as it is reliable and cost-effective. This model gives complete control to the client over their budget and allows them to make changes to the project with zero extra charges. This type of contract will direct your money toward application development rather than overhead costs.

This model also ensures that your project gets done within a reasonable time frame and budgets remain fixed without any hidden charges.

C. Retainer Agreements

With Retainer Agreements, you must pay your dedicated Laravel development team a fixed monthly fee. It offers cost-effectiveness, long-term support, and access to reliable technology and resources without the recruitment hassle. It is ideal for regular updates and consistent development needs.

Hidden Costs and Considerations

Costs and Considerations While Hiring Laravel Developers

A. Recruitment and Onboarding Costs

Recruitment and onboarding costs are among the leading hidden costs when hiring a Laravel developer. A bad hire can lead to project failures or delays, making your budget overboard. Your Laravel developer team must have the right resources at a cost-effective price. Talk to your development company to understand the implications of this cost on your overall hiring cost.

B. Maintenance and Ongoing Support

Usually, maintenance and ongoing support costs make up around 15-20% of the first year’s initial development costs. The monthly maintenance and ongoing support costs can range from $ 5,000 to $50,000, depending on your web application type, support requirement, and maintenance activities.

C. Communication and Project Management Tools

If you have opted for an offshore Laravel development team, then the cost of communication and project management tools will be higher for you. Often, businesses are forced to pay for these hidden costs as communication and project management tools are imperative to the success of a website. With these tools, you can plan your project management and track the developments.

D. Potential Project Delays and Cost Overruns

Potential project delays and cost overruns are unexpected changes in your website development project that can increase the total project cost. Project delays would make you pay extra for resources and personnel and can lead to project failures. You must continuously track and measure progress and ask your developer to maintain transparency in projects.

Tips for Cost-Efficient Laravel Specialist Hiring

A. Defining Precise Project Requirements

It is essential to define your project requirements to your Laravel developers and assess their ability to comprehend them effectively. They should be able to grasp and visualize your objectives and needs and accurately translate them into technical features and specifications.

B. Conducting Thorough Interviews and Skill Assessments

Conduct thorough interviews and evaluate the skills of the Laravel developer to understand whether they will be able to deliver your project. When assessing their skills, look for the following four primary skills:

  • Communication skills
  • Technical knowledge
  • Domain knowledge
  • Problem-solving ability

C. Exploring Outsourcing and Remote Options

You can work with outsourcing companies if you need long-term support for your complex or highly sophisticated project.

When hiring remote Laravel experts, it is recommended to inquire about their approach to client requirement gathering and effective strategy formulation. Also, it is common for client requirements to change over time due to evolving market conditions and business needs. In these cases, the remote Laravel experts should be capable of adapting and implementing these modified requirements.

D. Navigating Budget Constraints

You must spend some money if you want an excellent, feature-rich, functional website. However, a high fee only sometimes guarantees a good product. Check if the Laravel company has a good reputation and reviews, and then navigate your budget constraints. Before you make your final choice, compare the prices quoted by various Laravel developers.

Key Takeaways

There are several Laravel developers worldwide, but working with the most secure, trusted, and efficient is vital. Whether you opt for a dedicated team or an outsourcing agency, ensure they can deliver a seamless project without hidden costs or faulty features.

The cost of hiring a Laravel developer will vary from $15 to $200 per hour, depending on various factors described above. Make sure to do your research before you make the final choice. Get in touch with us for Laravel Development Service that fits your requirement as well as your budget.

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