Best SEO Tools that SEO experts recommend to achieve your goals

Written by Vaibhav Salot

Jul 24, 2019

Best SEO Tools that SEO experts recommend to achieve your goals

SEO or search engine optimization is the need of the hour and increasing online visibility in different search engines isn’t possible without SEO. SEO ensures that your website is developed and designed to be found on search engines. 

It is important to use the right SEO tools to help your website rank higher in different search engines. If you want to optimize your site as per SEO rules, you can hire SEO experts to do the job. 

If you want to try out SEO tools on your own, then we help you pick the right SEO tool that works for you from the list of some effective SEO tools listed below.

Below the list of top 10 SEO tools for you

  1. Google Search Console 

    It is indeed one of the useful SEO tools that help users to find the count of indexed pages, duplicate metadata, security problems, etc.

    The process is simple, just look for ‘Search traffic’ and ‘Search Analytics’ to extract the list of keywords that you target to rank currently.

    Search Console helps you gain control over what all is indexed and the way your website is entitled to a specific account.

    This tool is user-friendly and helps you get useful data as well as information that lets you move forward and achieve your SEO goals.


    • It helps you know how your target audience is going to look at your site helps you optimize your site accordingly and also the performance on SERPs.
    • The mobile usability report highlights the URLs with usability problems for any mobile user. The report gives you a clear picture of the issues present and insights to solve the usability issue.
  2. SEMRush

    SEM Rush marketing SEO tool is one of the most liked SEO tools by SEO experts as this tool comes with some amazing set of features. The tool helps you evaluate your site rankings, changes in the site, etc.

    You can easily assess your rankings, changes in the rankings as well as new prospects to increase your site rankings.


    • The Domain Vs Domain is an amazing feature that offers a detailed analysis for you to compare your site with your competitors.
    • SEMRush offers an Analytics report which helps you understand the website traffic and also search data not only for your website but also for your competitor’s site
    • It lets you compare target keywords as well as the domains you target to rank your site.
    • The On-Page SEO Checker tool helps you to track your website rankings and get recommendations on enhancing site performance.
    • The organic traffic insights feature helps the users to view the prime web pages through a single dashboard along with relevant keywords, social shares plus the word count which offers a detailed picture of where all you need optimization and what is working for you already.
  3. Ahrefs

    Ahrefs is amongst the most recommended and helpful SEO tools for the SEO campaign. 


    • Its Site Audit feature is an amazing SEO Analysis tool available in the market. This feature lets you focus on the areas of your website that need updates and improvements. It directly helps you increase search engine ranking
    • Ahref is an easy-to-use SEO tool.
    • You just need to enter the website URL you wish to test and then enter keywords you wish to search.
    • Ahrefs is indeed very helpful to evaluate the backlinks of your competitor. It gives you the kickstart while you launch your brand.
    • Marketers believe in using Ahrefs to identify the most linked content for a specific domain.
  4. MOZ

    MOZ is known as the giant in the online world of SEO & Digital Marketing. Moz is updated with the latest changes made in Google Algorithm.


    • Moz’s chat portal is a perfect feature that offers a detailed answer for each and every query asked.
    • Moz is a power-packed SEO tool for site crawls, keyword recommendations, performance report, etc
    • You can download the MozBar toolbar for free. It helps you view the metrics of your store while you are surfing a particular page.
    • The Page Optimization function helps you know the important steps you need to take to improve SEO for each and every page of the website.
    • Moz’s SEO tool helps improve your business as it makes the entire process systematic and transparent. It becomes easy for you to compare your website with that of your competitor to analyze optimization and traffic.
  5. Yoast SEO

    Yoast SEO is one of the best SEO plugins if you are working with WordPress. This tool helps you optimize Meta tags, content, and create sitemaps, etc.


    • Yoast SEO is yet another user-friendly tool that helps you optimize your content as per the latest SEO standards. You can easily optimize the description, title, URL, etc.
    • The latest XML sitemaps features can be accessed with a single click. You can gain complete control over the site.
    • The snippet preview exhibits the way your post looks in search results.
  6. SpyFu

    If you are a beginner and trying to find the best way to optimize your website, then Spyfu is the assured method to attain success.

    SpyFu allows users to get the details on how well a keyword is doing which means the number of times it is getting searched on a monthly basis.


    • The tool helps you get the details of the competition for the targeted keywords to rank.
    • SpyFu lets you analyze the keyword ranking of your competitor easily.
    • You can know about the count of clicks, paid & organic competitors, and ads being created on Google Adwords, etc through this single platform.
    • It is known to be the SEO tool that gives an in-depth analysis on market conditions so that effective reports can be created
    • SEO research feature is an incredible feature that allows you to look into the domain of your competitor and dig out the details of their individual SEO strategy.
    • It helps you look at the important keywords to get an idea of how to further SEO strategy should be planned and the strategy that can be successful too.
  7. KWFinder

    One of the most important features offered by KWFinder is to enable users to search for long-tail keywords with lower competition

    It is a perfect SEO tool especially for picking the relevant keywords and creates analysis reports based on backlinks & SERP.


    • The Rank Tracker tool allows you to determine the ranking of your site as well as the progress based on the key metric.
    • The tool also suggests plenty of ideas pick keywords that you can use to rank your website.
    • This tool lets you get the details on keywords you are looking for and also helps you get suggestions on the best keywords.
    • It also compares the suggestions that are based on different metrics for example CPC, volume, difficulty, etc.
  8. Siteliner

    Only original content works and helps your website rank high on search engines. If you are a little worried about whether the content you are using is original or not, then Siteliner can help you identify the duplicate content on the website. 


    • Siteliner allows you to pick the duplicate content, average page size, broken links, etc. on your website.
    • Siteline also lets you compare the business websites with other websites being scanned on Siteliner. It helps you get the details on the performance of your website.
    • The tool improves the quality of your site automatically.
    • You can use the most amazing feature on Siteliner– the Duplicate Content table which is ideal for all small businesses that try to match URL, website pages and content.
    • The tool reflects the percentage of duplicate content so that you get an idea of where you need to improve the content. 
  9. Serpstat

    Serpstat can help you gain from the experience of your competitors experience as to how they grab the leads naturally and through paid search, monitor your prime competitors and try to enhance your content, PPC campaign and SEO campaign.


    • Gather keywords for both PPC and SEO campaigns
    • Identify the value of the keyword through search volume, cost per click, competition, search result count etc.,
    • Search variations in keywords and look for suggestions to elaborate and extend the related core.
    • Fetch long-tail keywords
    • Watch out for the pages displayed in search results for a particular keyword
    • Look for the keyword trending
  10. Screaming Frog 

    Screaming Frog is recommended by many SEO experts. The tool efficiently audits a website to enhance SEO performance.

    One of the most reliable SEO tools especially when you need to resolve the issues associated with link building, content, and redirections.


    • Screaming Frog lets you get the insights of your competitor’s website and fetch important facts you can use.
    • This tool helps you view pages with error 404 errors, lists the H1 & title tags, displays the exact count along with other crucial analytics data under one roof.
    • Screaming Frog makes it easy to collect specific data from website pages.
    • Screaming Frog is efficient enough to perform a quick audit and give you a detailed report to understand your website.
  11. SE Ranking

    SE Ranking offers SEO tools that comprise some unique features to help you achieve your optimization goals.


    • The tool saves the time that you would otherwise spend on grouping the chosen keywords and easily distributes them on the web pages of your website. 
    • It helps explore keywords used by your competitors in their respective advertisements to attract natural traffic. The tools help you keep an eye on their traffic, number of clicks on the ads and also show how their ads look like.
    • Back Link monitoring is a wonderful feature to let you understand  your backlinks to take necessary actions


 SEO tools are important for your SEO campaign as well as they ease off the entire process that can be time-consuming. Once you know which SEO tool works best for you, you can save your efforts and time and get the best results. You can get an insight into your competitors so that you can take the required action to make your SEO campaign successful. 

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