Christmas Sale 2021! Save 50% off on all Magento 2 Extensions!
Christmas Sale 2021! Save 50% off on all Magento 2 Extensions!
Christmas fever is on and santa has got some cool discounts on Magento extensions. Expect huge discounts on your extensions to give a push to your ecommerce businesses and websites. This ending season reward yourself and increase your revenue through our exciting deals. Try out some
Simple Details on Configurable Product

Give every child product it’s own identity by adding this extension which will display the details of every associate product on configurable product uniquely on the basis of name, SKU, URL, long and short description, etc.

  • Personalized information of every simple product helps the customer to identify the product easily.
  • Display available quantity in frontend.
  • It creates a unique URL for each selected product.
  • Assign a unique description for every simple product.
  • You can show child images belongs to the selected option.
Product Custom Option Templates

This Product Custom Option Templates Extension allows you to automatically create custom options for multiple products with the help of templates. The admin can also easily manage them for the various products in the store.

  • Easy to install and easy to upgrade
  • Configure options for different store views separately.
  • Admin can create or update custom options for multiple products.
  • Admin can create different types of custom options within the template.
  • All types of custom options are supported.
Wallet/Reward Points

Let your customers make the payment from their wallet system at the time of checkout. Customers can easily add credit amounts, earn rewards points, use credit while purchasing, and view transaction history from their account. Also, the admin can control everything from the backend.

  • Admin can enable or disable the wallet system for each store.
  • Admin can manually add or deduct wallet credit from customer’s balances.
  • Customers can easily credit the required amount to their wallet system and pay for the products.
  • Admin can view all the transaction details of the customer’s wallet.
  • Send Notification Email If There are any changes or transactions made.
Frequently Bought Together

One of the best sales drives extensions to increase the conversion rate by displaying frequently bought products to customers on the product page based on customer behavior and the selected product.

  • Allows admin stores to enable and disable an extension in the backend.
  • Name the block of frequently bought together items from config.
  • Displays the product’s thumbnail image, name, and price.
  • Ability to restrict the number of native related products.
  • Allow admin users to manage frequently bought product's block position.
Customer Attributes

Provides you to add a custom attribute for a customer. which will be displayed in customer registration page, customer account page and checkout shipping page and so on. You can manage that customer attributes from the backend.

  • Create an unlimited number of customer attributes.
  • Create an unlimited number of customer address attributes.
  • Place customer attributes on the frontend or backend.
  • Display on specific pages such as registration, checkout and many more.
  • Admin can edit the customer attributes.
Promotion Bar

Allows the admin to add a promotion message in the attractive bar on top of Home Page or any position of any page you want.

  • Create an unlimited number of promotion bars.
  • Show sliders or separate promo bars.
  • Easily design promo bars from the backend.
  • Add a promotion bar at any position of the page.
  • Display promotion bar on any category or product you want.
Payment Extra Charge

Magento 2 Payment Extra Charge Extension allows store owners to charge an extra amount on specific payment methods per store with many other customization options.

  • Multiple charges on single payment method.
  • Fully/partially refund extra charge on credit memo creation multiple times.
  • Include/exclude shipping and tax from extra charge calculation.
  • Fixed and Percentage amount types.
  • Works with back-end order creation.
Payment And Shipping Restriction

Payment Restrictions extension allows you to restrict payment methods based on product attributes, cart attributes shipping, customer groups, and other adaptive conditions. To Restrict payment methods such as COD, Paypal, Credit Card, and other payment gateways to save conversion cost, reduce risks, and provide relevant payment options to each customer.

  • Create unlimited payment restriction rules.
  • Limit payment methods for specific customers.
  • The extension allows the payment restrictions method based on rules.
  • Restrict payment methods for various subtotal and product attributes.
  • Disable any payment method for as per condition combination.
Custom Order Number

Magento 2 custom order number extension helps admin to customize default IDs of Order, shipment, invoice and credit memo by adding prefixes and suffixes.

  • Admin can customize order increment IDs using prefixes and suffixes.
  • Admin can also customize shipping, invoice, and credit memo IDs.
  • Customize the length of the number.
  • Customize the starting order number.
  • Use a customized numbering system to protect sensitive business data.
Customer Specific Discount

The Customer Specific Discount module for Magento 2 empowers you to provide special discounts to specific customers by creating individual cart price rules for them.

  • Admin can create cart price rules for specific customers.
  • Admin can apply a particular rule only for selected customers.
  • Admin can edit or change the list of existing rules for particular customers after the rule has been created.
  • Only selected customers can be validated for particular rules.
  • By applying special rules for special customers, customer’s loyalty can be maintained.
Wishlist Extension

The Multiple Wishlist Extension allows customers to save products for later by creating multiple wishlists. Customers can edit wishlists or add more wishlists, delete wishlist and conveniently share wishlists for particular groups.

  • Allow customers to create multiple wishlists.
  • Create unlimited wishlists for easier control and tracking.
  • Add product to wishlist via convenient popup.
  • Keep Products In Lists After Adding To Cart.
Review Reminder

Review Reminder extension encourages your customers to share their reviews by automatically sending them review reminder emails and auto reward them for a first product review.

  • Auto-send review reminder email base on configuration.
  • Admin can send reminder emails manually from the backend.
  • limit reminder sent per order.
  • Come with predefined email templates.
  • Send coupon code as a reward for a first product review.

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