Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale 2021! Save 50% off on all Magento Extensions!
Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale 2021! Save 50% off on all Magento 2 Extensions!
Halloween Deal missed? No worries, Black Friday & Cyber Monday are already here and we are up with Friday/Monday deals. Kick Start your sales by getting our extensions on-board for your eCommerce websites. This month is best to boost your business with great deals which is worth in quality and time. We are on a way to build strong consumer connections and brand loyalty and outspace growth with you. Grab it soon!
Google One Tap Login

Magento 2 Google One Tap Login extension allows for new users to experience without complex processing steps with a single tap. Google One Tap Login improves the signup rate of your store.

  • Users can easily register and login.
  • Single click/tap to register and login for users.
  • Improve signup rate for your store.
  • Enhanced user experience.
  • Supported with GraphQL/REST API.

RMA system boosts brand loyalty, customer retention, and satisfaction. Administrators can manage all return processes by using our extension. RMA extension also provides a flexible chat to enable the option for all conversion-related to return products and other sharing information, and add attachment features in the conversion.

  • Operate RMA requests in a few clicks from the backend.
  • Apply RMA using conditions.
  • Admin and customers can manage RMA requests.
  • Auto email generated when updating requests.
  • Store owner and customers both add custom tracking information.
Product Custom Option Image

Allows displaying swatch images for product custom options value. Custom Option Image enhances product custom options feature by displaying the Product Custom Options. We cannot insert images for custom options value with default Magento 2.

  • Set Product Custom Option Image from admin.
  • Admin can modify the image size of product custom options value.
  • Admin can set upload image size of product custom options value.
  • Supports with drop-down, radio button, checkbox, multi-select, single select swatch and multi select swatch.
  • Easily assign and delete a particular image of the product custom option value.
Currency Auto Switcher

Allows to automatically switch currency of the product price. It detects automatically based on GeoIP. Currency Auto Switcher helps in extending the business to other countries and improving the user experience.

  • Assign Currency to Each Country.
  • Auto-detect based on GeoIP.
  • Currency dropdown change according to the country-specific currency.
  • Automatically switches product price to the local currency on the basis of GeoIP.
  • Improves the user experience.
Custom Order Number

Magento 2 custom order number extension helps admin to customize default IDs of Order, shipment, invoice and credit memo by adding prefixes and suffixes.

  • Admin can customize order increment IDs using prefixes and suffixes.
  • Admin can also customize shipping, invoice, and credit memo IDs.
  • Customize the length of the number.
  • Customize the starting order number.
  • Use a customized numbering system to protect sensitive business data.
Customer Specific Discount

The Customer Specific Discount module for Magento 2 empowers you to provide special discounts to specific customers by creating individual cart price rules for them.

  • Admin can create cart price rules for specific customers.
  • Admin can apply a particular rule only for selected customers.
  • Admin can edit or change the list of existing rules for particular customers after the rule has been created.
  • Only selected customers can be validated for particular rules.
  • By applying special rules for special customers, customer’s loyalty can be maintained.
Configurable Products Preselect

provides by default preselected child products options for the configurable products. Magento 2 Configurable Products Preselect extension helps promote sales of child products. So, customers can easily purchase in your online store.

  • By default Preselected option value on the product page and product listing page.
  • Suggest first option preselect.
  • Set default option preselect for a particular product.
  • Suggest cheapest/expensive option preselect.
  • Addtocart easily within one-click.
Advance Edit Cart

The shopping cart page is the main intermediate step to achieve the shopping process. Advance Edit Cart is the best module for edit product options directly from the shopping cart. This extension enhances the shopping experience, reduce abandonment rates and increase the order average value.

  • Update product options and quantities via AJAX popup.
  • Cart edit without redirect to the product page.
  • Support for all types of products.
  • Update the quantity of each item.
  • Support multi-stores.
Simple Details on Configurable Product

Give every child product it’s own identity by adding this extension which will display the details of every associate product on configurable product uniquely on the basis of name, SKU, URL, long and short description, etc.

  • Personalized information of every simple product helps the customer to identify the product easily.
  • Display available quantity in frontend.
  • It creates a unique URL for each selected product.
  • Assign a unique description for every simple product.
  • You can show child images belongs to the selected option.
Product Custom Option Templates

This Product Custom Option Templates Extension allows you to automatically create custom options for multiple products with the help of templates. The admin can also easily manage them for the various products in the store.

  • Easy to install and easy to upgrade
  • Configure options for different store views separately.
  • Admin can create or update custom options for multiple products.
  • Admin can create different types of custom options within the template.
  • All types of custom options are supported.
Wallet/Reward Points

Let your customers make the payment from their wallet system at the time of checkout. Customers can easily add credit amounts, earn rewards points, use credit while purchasing, and view transaction history from their account. Also, the admin can control everything from the backend.

  • Admin can enable or disable the wallet system for each store.
  • Admin can manually add or deduct wallet credit from customer’s balances.
  • Customers can easily credit the required amount to their wallet system and pay for the products.
  • Admin can view all the transaction details of the customer’s wallet.
  • Send Notification Email If There are any changes or transactions made.
Abandoned Cart Email

Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email extension helps get back to your all customer who is leaving product into the cart. Allows you to send promotional emails and also send emails with a coupon code to customers.

  • Schedule abandoned cart email.
  • Auto-generated email via system.
  • Manage maximum emails.
  • Manage Discount Coupon.
  • Available Email History.

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