Amazon Web Services

We architect, deliver, and manage an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment

Dolphin Web Solution provides a reliable infrastructure and application utilities through Amazon cloud computing, potentially reducing costs for organisations while driving new business opportunities and building corporate identities.

Implementing a content management system that’s speedy, dependable, and within a budget can be challenging, but Amazon Web Services allows businesses to increase or reduce their features based on needs. The best part? This cloud based suite of services only charges you for what you use—which means your expenses are directly proportional to the size of your business.

Amazon Web Services Provides all kinds of Solutions

Amazon Web Services can be trusted for its durable and secure technology platform. To ensure the protection and integrity of information, AWS provides multiple layers of physical and operational security, and to ensure things are always running smoothly, AWS runs regular audits to ensure its infrastructural reliability.

In short, Amazon Web Services guarantees the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of data and provides complete privacy and security.

Our Amazon Web Services Offerings

Amazon EC2

We cloud computing company make a breeze by providing flexible web-scale computing solutions with complete control and integration with AWS Cloud services. All our cloud solutions are reliable, secure and inexpensive.

Amazon VPC

Gain control and an understanding of your Cloud Services – we give you a complete understanding of your network while managing it smoothly.

Amazon Glacier

Never get stuck with data loss. We provide a secure file-storage web service that provides storage for data, its archival, and backup.

Amazon s3

We make data management an ease. Our scalable services provide secure storage solutions for your digital business industry-leading standards.

Amazon RDS

We manage the setup, operation, and the scaling of relational database for use in applications to grow your business and improve its experience and relevance.

Amazon Elasticache

We improve the performance of your web-applications by managing in-memory data store and cache service to ensure app information is retrieved faster.

Amazon Route 53

We provide expert services to route end users to your business pages by managing all DNS requirements, seamlessly.

Amazon CloudFront

Distribution of high-quality content seamlessly to customers in least possible time ensures businesses provide a good user-experience. We make this possible.

Amazon SES

Effective email marketing ensures maximising open rates, minimising bounce rates, and driving a call to action. Our dedicated team achieves this for all businesses.

Amazon OpsWorks DevOps

We ensure you stay ahead of the competition and are in-line with current trends by managing the infrastructure of your AWS servers and deploy new services, instantly.

Amazon SQS

We manage the decoupling and scaling of microservices, distributed systems, and serverless applications using a message queuing service to grow your business.

Amazon SNS

Timely push notifications to the right cohort at the right time can be a gamechanger for businesses. We send out notifications and reach the masses at low-costs.

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  • Improved UX/UI simplified checkout process and responsive design.
  • Fully Bespoke Design
  • Greater Customer Experience
  • Improved Configurable Product Attribute Selections
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