unable to serialize value

Magento 2.3.XX unable to serialize value and Failed to load the components errors on checkout

CRITICAL Error: Unable to serialize value When I upgraded the Magento on the checkout page and that was “report.CRITICAL: Unable to serialize value. Error: Malformed UTF-8 characters, possible incorrectly encoded.” Please follow below step: 1)  Create registration.php file at Path :- app/code/Dolphin/Serializer

2) Create module.xml file at  Path :- app/code/Dolphin/Serializer/etc

3) Create di.xml…

product custom option programmatically

How to show product custom option into custom page in Magento 2

With custom options, it’s added some additional features for simple, configurable, downloadable and virtual products in Magento 2. This enable the creation of product variations. Bundle product and grouped product not support custom options. when we are adding custom options to the product then we get the more opportunity to make our product more flexible. Product with custom options are not configurable product. Product with custom options not change product type.

Create Module in Magento 2

How to Create Module in Magento 2

The module is a structural element of Magento 2. It’s a logical group – that is, a directory containing blocks, controllers, helpers, modules that are related to the specific business features. The purpose of a module is to provide specific product features by implementing new functionality or extending the functionality of other modules.
Each module is designed to function independently, so the inclusion or exclusion of a particular module does not typically affect the functionality of other modules.